Patient Testimonial for Face and Neck Lift

“One week ago I underwent a secondary face and neck lift with Linia Harley Health Village. I arrived at Harley Health Village with my daughter, feeling a bit nervous I was soon checked in and made to feel very comfortable everyone was so friendly and kind.

I had already met Mr Aslam at my consultation and immediately took to him, I felt very confident that this was the right surgeon for me.  When I next met Mr Aslam at Harley Heath Village he was amazing making me feel very relaxed and confident he took me by the arm and in we went to the operating theatre with music playing I never once felt frightened it all seemed to go quite quickly and couldn’t believe I could be awake all through it.

I sat up when it was all over and walked back arm in arm with Mr aslam to where my daughter was waiting for me all bandaged up all done we drove home that afternoon. I took bandages off three days ago and the results are incredibly amazing Mr Aslam has done everything that I wanted and I can’t stop looking at my smooth neck and cheeks as my neck was really getting so bad but not now!

I’m so happy and thank Mr Aslam his team and Pat Wilson for all being so supportive and making this special birthday year for me so special thank you.”