Why Are We Different?

A natural question that may come to your mind is why to choose Linia for your cosmetic surgery. How are we different from any other cosmetic surgery providers? Why choose Linia instead of several others?

Why Are We Different?

LINIA is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery groups and a pioneer of aesthetic treatments enabling us to offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive range of treatments.

We are committed to industry leading aftercare, excellence and safe care of our patients. In order to fulfil our commitments we will only allocate you to specialists who regularly perform your procedure and who are GMC registered. Our hospitals and clinics are also registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) giving you piece of mind that you will be cared for in a safe environment.

The vast majority of our procedures are performed as day case surgery. Like the NHS we believe that patients recover quicker in their own homes. This also means that when you elect to undergo a cosmetic procedure there is minimum disruption to your everyday routine.

LINIA is privately owned by doctors and as such we are bound by the ethical standards and Hippocratic Oath we have taken to protect patients. It also means that we genuinely take an interest in our patient’s wellbeing.

You can read about LINIA’s Care Quality Commission compliance and professional medical associations here

We are also proud to be finalists for the My Face, My Body Awards 2015 for ‘Best Private Hospital’, and the Aesthetic Awards 2015 ‘Best Clinic Group’.

Awards Regulatory Bodies

LINIA Promise:

  • At LINIA we promise to treat you as a valued individual with utmost dignity and privacy.
  • At LINIA we promise that treatment is tailored to your need and as you desire.
  • At LINIA we promise to provide post-operative care for life.
  • At LINIA we promise to provide you free of charge refinement surgery when needed.
  • At LINIA we promise to be available for 24 hour cover

Harley Health Village

Centrally located on the internationally prestigious Harley Street, the facilities at our private hospital Harley Health Village are designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

The newly opened facilities feature state-of-the-art operating theatres and recovery rooms and adheres to all international and national health standards.

The hospital also features specially designed consultation rooms.

Our attentive team is committed to your health and wellbeing, taking care of you from the moment you arrive through to your recovery and are also available 24/7 after you’ve been discharged.

You’ll enjoy being looked after and recuperating within the first class facilities.

Harley Health Village has also been nominated as finalists for the internationally recognised My Face, My Body Awards ‘Best Private Hospital 2015’.


Litfield House

Litfield House, a grade 2* listed building, is located in the Clifton area of Bristol and is a private Medical Centre

The centre has a variety of consulting rooms and operating facilities all set within the historic building which retains many of its period features.

You’ll be looked after by a team of experts who will ensure you are looked after throughout your stay at the facilities.

Lifetime Aftercare and Procedure Inclusions

We always ensure that patient care is at the forefront of everything we do and that’s why we are proud to offer industry leading fully inclusive lifetime aftercare and support to all our patients.

Our aftercare is designed to give you reassurance with no hidden extras.

  • Hospital accommodation and theatre costs
  • Nursing care and surgeon’s fee
  • All medication, anaesthetic costs and essential post-operative garments
  • Pre-operative screening and any tests required
  • 24/7 emergency contact cover
  • Free post-operative care, appointments and advice after the operation
  • Lifetime aftercare where you can arrange an appointment with a member of the clinic team at any time post-surgery at no extra cost
  • Readmission for up to two years after surgery in the unlikely event of any medical complications arising, subject to your surgeon agreeing that any complication is directly related to the surgery
  • Free revision surgery for up to three years after surgery if your surgeon agrees your final result is not in line with the outcome you agreed and not within the normal limits of surgery
  • Discounted rates for further surgery and a 10% non-surgical discount card
  • Lifetime manufacturers guarantee on all breast implants

We also offer 6 and 10 year readmission policies to give you extra piece of mind


Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore, results may vary. To read our full disclaimer please click here.

An absolutely cracking team of staff. From my initial consultation through to surgery and aftercare the experience has been amazing. The team at Harley Street were so caring and professional. Husband got very well looked afterthought out the time he was looking at Harley St. so much so I think he could have moved in 🙂 Would have no hesitation in recommending Linia.
I had a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty. Excellent level of care; felt really looked after and in safe hands. All the Linia staff are friendly and make you feel really at ease!
I came to see Mr. Aslam because I was suffering very bad pain in both breasts due to Capsulotomy. My left breast was the worst, we arranged for me to have a daytime surgery that would take about 2-3hours then I could go home on the same day. When I came in, I was looked after so well by Vicky!! I was taken through to surgery room, given a local anaesthetic and Mr. Aslam started my operation. The injections in the breast were tender but ok to bare, the operation went well my new breast are great, they look and feel more natural. I also found the recovery after this surgery very quiet, tender for a few days. I am now four months Post Op and I’m very happy with my chose of the surgeon. Look forward to furthering treatments.
I was very well looked after on the day of surgery, left feeling comfortable and not too much pain. Day 7 was hard to get out of bed but once moving the pain eased up kept taking plenty of pain relief for about a week but no need for sleeping tablets. A week after I felt great about the whole thing, no pain and happy with the results so far and healing of scars.
After many consultations with various doctors, I was thrilled to find Linia cosmetic surgery. Mr. Aslam was exceptional in making me feel at ease, his extensive knowledge in the practice was hugely reassuring and the entire team, Claire especially, made me feel very comfortable with the experience. On the day of surgery, I was apprehensive, but the people around me were so friendly that nerves quickly subsided. The operation was smooth and without any complications. I felt no pain. If anything the music and chatty converting relaxed me. I left overjoyed with the results. The follow-up case was outstanding. I had a minor healing problem but Mr. Aslam made an appointment with me straight away to resolve the problem. Ever since I had my breast augmentation my confidence has soared. I have been able to go clothes shopping, feel proud of my appearance and wear tops and dresses that I would never usually buy. It all thanks to the wonderful service provided by Linia, I can’t thank you enough.
Very good all around. Caring sensitive and most of all the take the time to listen and reassure me. Mr. Asam is very kind and knowledgeable regarding his advice. I was very nervous when having my procedure, all the staff Ade me feel at ease. I have been speaking with Vicky for years and again very kind and a good listener. I would recommend Linia to my friends or family. Whenever I visit I am always made to feel very welcome.
Mr. Aslam is a real kind doctor shown sincere support towards me. The hospital looks outstanding and all people I have met so far through Linia under its new management have been very kind and professional. A+ Keep up the Great Work!
My operation went fantastic because I was awake during the surgery and had no seduction. I went in had my operation and was out in a matter of hours! Mr. Aslam and my team of nurses were brilliant and made me so comfortable at ease.
Mr. Aslam was informative as always at the end of the phone. Having local anaesthetic was great for me and spoke throughout my surgery! Staff extremely friendly and welcoming. Recovery was quick.
Mr. Aslam is very professional an had real confidence in his ability to achieve the outcome I required. He was very understanding and honest with me. The whole procedure was extremely easy and near painless and healed amazingly quickly.
I have been coming to Linia for a few years now and I cannot fault them. Mr. Aslam is extremely professional and explains everything fully. I would highly recommend him/them.
Mr. Aslam is totally lovely. He is very friendly and has a very nice manner and he is also a very experienced and professional person. The Linia staff are great and I liked the fact they text messages to update appointments etc.
Customer service was excellent, staff was very supportive, both prior to following the procedure answering any questions, worries or concerns that I had very quickly and thoroughly. Would recommend Linia and would definitely consider other procedures to be performed by Linia.
I had my operation a year ago and I recommend very quickly as I had my operation awake. Mr. Aslam was lovely and reassured me throughout. Excellent care.
I removed the PIP implants in April under local anaesthetic. I was very anxious but the experience was very straightforward. No problem with local anaesthetic and recovery very easy-much more comfortable than the first time. Swelling minimal. Aftercare has been excellent.
Overall experience from the first visit with the consultation to now I was very impressed with. I must say that I am very happy with my implants, the pre and post care has been superb. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.
Linia has really made a difference in my life. Make me feel happy about the way I look with a little help from Botox. It’s made a difference to the way I look, in a good way.
I am delighted with my implants. I feel so complete, they look amazing, very natural and the after care has been excellent.
Having my procedure with Linia is one of the best things I ever was done. I was not nervous at all before the procedure. I was always been told there was nothing to worry about and there really wasn’t! I couldn’t feel a thing throughout the operation which was good. If I have had any problems they were always on the other end of the phone straight away. I would definitely recommend having surgery with Linia everyone is so polite and professional. I wouldn’t go with anyone else for surgery.
BA & Uplift. Aged 30 I met my husband and one of our first conversations he remembers was one where I told him I wanted my boobs done. I think he thought I was joking but for me it was a real issue. Having had two children and breast fed one of them my boobs had stretched and dropped really badly and without a bra I felt they were just awful. Being scared of needles alone, made me not even seriously consider it for years and then something happened last year that made me think, it has to be now or never, so I made my mind up that 2016 was going to be the year for me and I started making enquiries about finding a surgeon. It didn’t take long, I happened to tell a friend what I was contemplating and it just so happened that she had just been for a consultation with her daughter to see Mr Aslam. She spoke so highly of how he had been at the appointment that I made contact with Linia that night. I met with Mr Aslam shortly after that and had my consultation. He is such a nice, kind man that I instantly felt safe in his hands. He talked through my reasons for wanting my boobs operated on and then he went through what he could do for me. My drop was that bad that I needed a full uplift and implant and not just an implant. He also explained that I would be awake whilst he operated. This was a horrific thought for me and I was absolutely petrified at the thought of being awake whilst having my body cut open! Again, Mr Aslam assured me I would be fine, and I completely trusted him. This is the most important thing I think, to trust your surgeon, after all they are literally going to change your life…and he did! Mr Aslam gave me his mobile phone number at that initial appointment and said I could contact him at any time with any questions…and he meant it. So, 6th April was my operation date, aged 45 I finally plucked up the courage to improve my body and I wish I had done it years ago. Mr Aslam is a kind, considerate gentleman and treats you with dignity at all times and I believe that to be a genuine quality that I am sure many more of you will experience. I am now 4 months post op, I have amazing boobs and I’m one very happy lady. If you are contemplating it, do it now, don’t wait 15 years like I did! I can’t recommend Mr Aslam enough. Sarah
Breast Reaugmentation & Nipple Lift Procedure. I made an appointment to visit Dr Aslam at Linia after being told after 8 years I could have pip implants, This was a big worry for me giving me sleepless nights and endless worry, after reading up on pip implants I decided I needed to go to my trusted surgeon Dr Aslam, I made an appointment with Pat at the Linia office and was given the next available date to see Dr Aslam in the Clifton , Bristol medical Centre, I arrived to my consultation and was guided to a lovely waiting room where in no time at all Dr Aslam came to great me, He always makes you feel special, We had a chat about my pip implants and discussed my options, I decided to go for surgery to have them changed as soon as possible, I then spoke to Addy about my payment options, made payment which then secured my operation date, I arrived at 10am again taken to a beautiful waiting room till I was called to go down to the little hospital at the bottom of the clinic, I was greeted by Addy and taken to a room, I was given a gown and had my blood pressure taken and was taken through a consent form, All was well and so many friendly smiling faces around, I had a visit from Dr Aslam checking I was ok and to go through my procedure making sure I was happy, he then left me to get myself ready into my gown and would return to take me to theatre, On Dr Aslam’s Return I took his arm and walked to theatre I told him I was really worried on having the injections to numb my breast area, I had a cannula inserted in my hand and a drip attached The nurses and Dr Aslam were talking to me making sure I was comfortable all the time But I had nothing to worry about The numbing injection was done under each breast and my implants changed, I don’t know why I worried so much being awake was my main concern, After the operation I was taken back to my room by Dr Aslam and Addy came in with a sandwich and cup of tea, My blood pressure taken again then I was then left to have a sleep, On waking I didn’t feel any pain just a bit uncomfortable moving, I was checked again before getting dressed to go home Addy gave me information and tablets to go home with and contact phone numbers if I needed to call Dr Aslam but all was well I followed the instructions and had no problems I had a follow up appointment made so I knew what I was doing then left for home, On my follow up appointment I was checked there was no problems I was very happy with my aftercare and again another appointment made I was very happy with the care I received from start to finish and wouldn’t go anywhere else for any other surgery I might like in the future. The Linia staff are all very friendly. A big Thank you for looking after me.
Breast Reduction Procedure. I’ve just had a breast reduction – the results, even only 2 weeks are amazing! I felt completely in safe hands with Mr Aslam and his team, from the initial telephone enquiry right up until present day. Every one at Linia, in particular Pat, Shobna and Addy, are just amazing – professional but so caring and really make you feel like you are their number one priority and not just another patient. Mr Aslam is just awesome, amazing at what he does but again, treats you like a person and individual rather than just another patient. I am definitely on Team Linia and would recommend them to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.
Breast Augmentation Procedure. I am very satisfied with the service Linia provided me, from beginning to end. I was very anxious about my upcoming breast augmentation but booking my consultation and speaking to the reception team helped to ease my mind. I found them reassuring and Mr Aslam was considerate and understanding of what I wanted to achieve. On the day of surgery, the staff at Linia comforted before, during and after the operation. I was looked after considerably well, whilst discussing post-op aftercare Linia provided me and my sister with a selection of fresh Pannini’s and snacks. I was surprised how well I felt after surgery. I definitely attribute this to the service provided by Linia. During the recovery process, bruising was minimal. Unfortunately during this period, I had slight tissue breakdown which led to a further operation to correct. Mr Aslam swiftly called me to return to theatre, and was available day and night to listen to my concerns. Im happy to say after the correction, im more than happy with the end result and highly recommend Linia and Mr Aslam.
My breast augmentation – I had my surgery 2 weeks ago with Dr Aslam in Bristol I have to say what an amazing team all round. From booking my consultation with the lady called Pat on the telephone to arriving at my consultation and meeting the super Dr Aslam whom I had heard so much about from a very good friend of mine. I have to say I have never been so impressed with professionalism. I was booked to have surgery I was excited and nervous my partner Michael came along with me and even Michael was very much impressed. Mr Aslam immediately put me at ease and helped me to 100% make my decision. All my pre-operation advice was followed on the day of surgery. I met nurses Gill & Maria whom were excellent and surgery went very well. 2 weeks post-op I am absolutely delighted and loving the benefits of having had the best surgeon perform something I have wanted for many years. I am delighted and would recommend this team to anyone. Many, many thanks to all the team.

From the moment that I very nervously spoke with Pat Wilson and set up a consultation I felt so comfortable and knew that I had made the right choice in companies for my procedure. It’s a very private area and it was something I had always disliked and was very conscious of having on show. But Dr A made me feel so comfortable and reassured during my consultation and understood where I was coming from and didn’t just make me feel although I was being narcissistic or over pedantic.

On the run up to my surgery I had a couple of issues but Pat was always so reassuring and put me at ease at every point which I thought was wonderful as many other places lack empathy and understanding and you end up feeling like it’s just a money thing to them. So in that respect I think Linia is very special. On the day of my procedure Dr A and my two nurses were absolutely wonderful. In fact throughout my procedure we were all having a great time talking and laughing and I was more comfortable during that time than I am in normal everyday situations. Even when I had a problem with a blood vessel oozing and I was panicking they all put me at such ease. My entire experience as a whole was just amazing, and Pat, Dr A and my two nurses are such a credit to Linia and I could not recommend it more. I’m am absolutely ecstatic and that’s before the swelling had gone down so I’m so excited to see the end results.

For someone who has always struggled with self-esteem problems, the people I have mentioned have made me feel absolutely amazing and I am so grateful. 100/10 for Linia, you should be exceptionally proud of your staff

Secondary Face & Neck Lift Procedure – I have just undergone a secondary face and neck lift only one week ago with Linia Harley health village..I arrived at Harley health village with my daughter about 11am feeling a bit nervous I was soon checked in and made to feel very comfortable everyone was so friendly and kind I had already met Mr Aslam at my consultation and immediately took to him I felt very confident that this was the right surgeon for me. When I next met Mr Aslam at Harley heath village he was amazing making me feel very relaxed and confident he took me by the arm and in we went to the operating theatre with music playing I never once felt frightened it all seemed to go quite quickly and couldn’t believe I could be awake all through it. I sat up when it was all over and walked back arm In arm with Mr aslam to where my daughter was waiting for me all bandaged up all done we drove home that afternoon. I took bandages off three days ago and the results are incredibly amazing Mr Aslam has done everything that I wanted and I can’t stop looking at my smooth neck and cheeks as my neck was really getting so bad but not now!. I’m so happy and thank Mr Aslam his team and Pat Wilson for all being so supportive and making this special birthday year for me so special thank you….
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the team who looked after me in Bristol on Tuesday. Everybody was fantastic, I felt in such safe hands with Mr Aslam and he really did go the extra mile to make sure I was ok. Particular thanks go to the lovely lady with the short blonde hair, she was AMAZING at making me feel calm and at ease, so friendly and I don’t think I’d have been half as calm without her there holding my hand. Amazing team of people. Special thanks to Mr Aslam for getting my in so quickly.
BA Procedure – I have just had silicone breast implants, the operation was carried out by Mr Aslam the whole process from first telephone call enquiry, and consultation with Mr Aslam to discuss what i wanted and what was possible, the operation in London and follow up consultation again with Mr Aslam, has been very straight forward and everyone i’ve spoken to has been very friendly, and professional, i’ve been treated with every curtsey, any and every question answered fully. Mr Aslam is a gentleman and put me at ease straight away and i am now a very happy proud owner of a lovely bust. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Aslam or Linia Clinic.
BA & Abdominoplasty & Labiaplasty Procedure – I had done my research and had a plan in my head of the surgery I required. I phoned a couple of well known establishments offering cosmetic surgery prior to calling Linia. The initial conversation was very informal and the down to earth nature of the call made me feel confident and at ease straight away with Linia. I liked the fact that all consultations were directly with the surgeon Mr Aslam himself. Mr Aslam has a very professional approach to his consultation, getting to know what you want and expect, and then discussing what is possible. I never felt rushed or just a number with Mr Aslam, he has always made me feel at ease and important. Linia as a company have great communication skills, always informing me exactly what to do and what to expect. My surgery its self took place at Harley Street, and the staff were very friendly and chatty, making me feel like I had just booked into an overnight stay in a hotel. All my questions have always been answered as post surgery you have Mr Aslam personal number. I have followed the exact advise this brilliant surgeon and his staff have given me and am making a speedy recovery. I am so pleased with my results 3 weeks post opp and would highly recommend anyone thinking of cosmetic surgery to put themselves in Linia cosmetics safe hands. Thank you 🙂
Labiaplasty Procedure – I was very nervous on the day of my procedure but as soon as I went into theatre Mr Aslam and his team reassured me and I felt calm. The aftercare was amazing. Having the procedure has made such a difference to my life and I’ve gained so much body confidence. Overall I’m very pleased with the support and great customer service from the team at Linia and of course Mr Aslam, would definitely recommend Linia!
Liposuction Procedure – My surgery was really good. The nurses were amazing; couldn’t wish for anyone better. Mr Aslam was great – reassured me if I was in pain or nervous. Having his contact number was great if I needed to call or text him. Very pleased with results – would definitely recommend Mr Aslam. Helen Mills
I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure with Linia under local anaesthetic to correct a bump on my nose, and from start to finish I cannot recommend them enough. I’ve never been happy with my nose, but didn’t think there was anything I could do about it without going under general anaesthetic, until I found Linia. From the first email, Pat and the team could not have been more helpful and understanding, and after meeting with Mr Aslam for a free consultation I felt completely reassured and confident. On the day of the procedure I was of course anxious, but I needn’t have been. It does sound strange to say, but once the local anaesthetic was in, and even though I was completely awake throughout I was completely relaxed and happy, and before I knew it, it was done! I had the bandages removed just over a week later and went back to work with no noticeable bruising or swelling, and I am so happy with the results! The whole team made it such a positive, enjoyable and relaxed experience for me – it’s even made me start to think if there’s anything else I could have done!
Hello Everyone – I recently attended Linia Cosmetic Clinic at Harley Street. Yes! I was scared, nervous and excited at the prospect of an “S” lift, eye procedure and B.A whilst being aware and awake. SOUNDS silly but l enjoyed it, listening to everything being explained and some lovely music of my choice. Most important of all were the staff and Mr Aslam who made you feel relaxed and confident. So anyone considering? GO FOR IT.
I would personally like to say that I recently had a Upper Blepharoplasty and Mr Aslam my surgeon has done an amazing job. I feel so much more happy and confident. On the day of the surgery as it is natural for most to feel a bit tense on the day. When I got in the theatre and during the procedure I felt more relaxed than I have at the cinema thanks to Mr Aslam and his team. I am happy to promote and recommend Mr Aslam who is a calm, approachable and easy to talk to person to anybody wanting aesthetic surgery or treatment.
What more can I say, From the very first email sent to arrange a consultation to the procedure Linia makes you feel at ease. No pain what so ever with the procedure. Mr Aslam worked his magic with his great team and I walked out of the clinic with a big smile on my face after my procedure knowing that if I have any questions or problems they are on the other end of the phone. Definitely recommend them to anyone for surgery.
Neck Lift Procedure – Quick and Efficient. Good Quality Care and Follow Up. Very Good Results. Pleasant and Professional Staff. Experience was as Described.
Upper Eye Lid Surgery – I would highly recommend Linia they were very efficient from consultation through to the aftercare. I am very pleased with the surgery Dr Aslam carried out. I had the same surgery 10 years ago with Spire with minimal success. Thank you Linia.
 Customer Service was excellent, staff were very supportive both prior to and following the procedure, answering any questions, worries or concerns that I had very quickly and thoroughly. Would recommend Linia and would definitely consider other procedures to be performed at Linia
 “I highly recommend Mr Aslam following my surgical procedure in April of this year. I can’t speak highly enough of him and his staff and the care they have given me. The surgery has been truly life changing and has made life worth living again. Removing a huge abdominal skin apron and restoring my body to what it was over 35 years ago. As an additional bonus it has also resolved an on going problem with back pain. I will never be able to thank them enough for giving me my life back.
Dr Aslam has been great during this experience. The Linia team and nurse staff have also done all they could to support me. I found having my op under local strange at first (I have a fear of needles). I was very worried – but having it done was great compared to general. My recovery time was much less and I was back to work much sooner than expected.
 I am delighted with my implants. I feel so complete, they look amazing, very natural. The aftercare has been excellent. Thank you so much Dr Aslam!
 My experience with Linia and especially Mr Aslam was, as always, fantastic. He fills you with such confidence that I never doubted for one minute that I was doing the right thing. My procedures, the MACS Lift and Under Eye Heat Dermabrasion were carried out under local anaesthetic which meant that I could go home the same day – disguised in sunglasses and scarf. I would definitely recommend local anaesthetic as there is no pain and a much faster recovery. I have returned on day 9 with no bruising and minimal swelling from the MAC Lift and scabbing under my eyes, which I can now cover with make-up. I await the final result with excited anticipation and with the full knowledge that if I’m not delighted then Linia will do everything to ensure that I am. To anyone considering cosmetic surgery I would whole heartedly recommend Linia.
I am very pleased with the outcome and services provided. Was a little worried about having the operation done under local anaesthetic as I was worried I might have been able to feel pain. But I didn’t feel a thing, only slight tugging which was explained before the procedure was carried out. I was happy with having the local anaesthetic as I recovered almost immediately and was able to go home. Thank you so much for your work. I am a very happy lady! Recommend to everyone!
Local anaesthetic was a much better experience than general. It was more relaxed and less painful. Recovery time was a lot quicker – there was no drowsiness or feeling sick. I would definitely use this option again if needed.
Dear Mr Aslam,I discovered through a friend that you operated with a local anaesthetic, as well as general. I have been turned down by different cosmetic surgeons who would not operate locally. I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember, almost as long as being unhappy with my large breasts. When you said you would operate I was ecstatic & very confident in your ability. On the day of the breast reduction your team made me feel very calm and comfortable, as was your professionalism while operating. I felt wonderful after the operation and have continued to do so. I am more than happy with the finished result & can only say thank you Mr Aslam for changing my lift. Yours Faithfully,
 I am very pleased with the outcome and services provided. I was a little worried about having local anaesthetic as I was concerned I might have been able to feel pain. But I didn’t feel a thing, only slight tugging which was explained before the procedure was carried out. I was happy with having the local anaesthetic as I recovered almost immediately and was able to go home. Thank you very much for your work, I am a very happy lady J Recommend to everyone!
Having my procedure with Linia is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was not nervous at all before the procedure, I was always told there was nothing to worry about and there really wasn’t! I couldn’t feel a thing throughout the operation which was good. If I have any problems they are always on the other end of the phone straight away. I would definitely recommend having surgery with Linia, everyone is so polite and professional, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for surgery.

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