Love Your Backside with Bum Sculpting

Kim Kardashian’s sensuous bum has set off a craze nearly unheard of in the plastic surgery industry. Those vivacious curves have sent many to their plastic surgeon’s office in search of the perfectly sculpted derriere, leading to a wave of procedures and techniques specifically designed to create a more appealing backside. In addition to the desire for a bigger, rounder bottom, women are looking to sculpt the buttocks by achieving greater definition between the buttocks and the thighs. Surgeons are now able to oblige with procedures customized for this purpose.

The Banana Roll

The newly coined “banana roll” describes the crescent-shaped bulge of fat that often appears just underneath the buttocks. This fat deposit can prevent clothing from fitting properly and is very difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. The banana roll is a concern for individuals who are seeking the rounder Kardashian figure and those who prefer a more understated derriere.

The banana roll is particularly problematic for women with larger buttocks, due to the weight of the cheeks creating an even larger bulge. Plastic surgery can remove that area of fat, creating a more noticeable definition between the thighs and buttocks and a smoother, sleeker backside overall.

Treating the Banana Roll

The most common technique for eliminating the banana roll is liposuction. A narrow cannula is placed directly into the fat deposit via a micro incision. The cannula loosens fat cells in the area and gently suctions them away. The result is a smoother buttock contour, without extra bulges along the lower line of the cheeks.

At Linia, we offer a special liposuction technique known as Soft Liposculpture. During this procedure, fat loosening is used to remove the fat in multiple layers. The result is less trauma to the treatment area, which means less bruising and swelling for the patient. After the procedure, massage is also administered to redistribute remaining fat and prevent lumpiness of the area, which can take a number of months to resolve.

Two Procedures in One

Some patients find that after removing fat from the banana roll area, fat can be purified and injected into the buttocks to provide greater fullness and roundness to the cheeks. This process, known as a Brazilian butt lift, can make the results of the procedure even more dramatic and ensure the Kardashian look the patient is hoping for. Fat can also be removed from other areas of the body, such as the midsection, to enhance the size and appearance of the buttocks.

Treating the banana roll is a highly specialized procedure that should only be performed by plastic surgeons experienced in the procedure. At Linia, our surgeons know how to remove just the right amount of fat from the area, without causing drooping in the buttocks that interferes with the overall result. To learn more about how you can say goodbye to your banana rolls, contact Linia at 0800-170-7171.

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