Banana Roll Fat – How to Get Rid of it & Love Your Bum

Kim Kardashian’s sensuous bum has set off a craze nearly unheard of in the plastic surgery industry.

Those vivacious curves have sent many to their plastic surgeon’s office in search of the perfectly sculpted derriere, leading to a wave of procedures and techniques specifically designed to create a more appealing backside.

In addition to the desire for a bigger, rounder bottom, women are looking to sculpt the buttocks by achieving greater definition between the buttocks and the thighs. Surgeons are now able to oblige with procedures customized for this purpose.

We are one of those clinics who specialise in banana roll fat treatment, as well as Brazilian butt lift surgery (or a BBL as it’s commonly known), but before you decide on that, have you tried other avenues?

It may seem a conflict of interest for us to suggest you try other things first before coming to us, but nobody wants to go under the knife if they don’t have to.

In this post, we aim to cover what a banana roll actually is and what your options are for getting rid of this quirk which many women dislike on their bums.


woman buttocks with no banana roll fat


What is a Banana Roll?

The newly coined “banana roll” describes the crescent-shaped bulge of fat that often appears just underneath the buttocks.

This fat deposit can prevent clothing from fitting properly and while exercise helps, it can be difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone, depending on your genetics.

The banana roll is a concern for individuals who are seeking the rounder Kardashian figure and those who prefer a more understated derriere.

The banana roll is particularly problematic for women with larger buttocks, due to the weight of the cheeks creating an even larger bulge.

Exercise and diet may slowly help eliminate that area of fat, but if you’ve struggled with that option, plastic surgery can remove that area of fat quickly and permanently.

This creates a more noticeable definition between the thighs and buttocks and a smoother, sleeker backside overall.

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Why do I have a banana roll?

Part of understanding how to get rid of fat under buttocks is understanding why it’s there in the first place.

Interestingly, while banana rolls are a result of having too much fat on your body, they are not exclusively an overweight person’s problem. Even people in good shape can have banana roll fat.

This is because the main cause of banana roll fat is genetic tendencies and weak buttock and leg muscles. What does this mean?

As banana roll fat is such a complex problem, there is not just one solution that is more effective than others. It’s best to take a many-pronged approach with banana roll fat to get rid of it and keep it off, as we will explain in the next section.

How do you get rid of banana roll fat?

Often, people nowadays will handle a problem like banana rolls by going in for surgery like CoolSculpting treatment. However, although that will solve the problem, and do it relatively quickly, there are other options you should consider as well before going under the knife.

As noted above, the best approach is to lose weight while toning that area. This can be achieved with a change of diet and exercises focusing on your buttocks and the area directly below them.

There is also a selection of at-home treatments you should consider too. We will go into CoolSculpting treatment and other cosmetic surgery options further down the page.

How to Get Rid of Rolls Under Your Bum with Diet

It’s safe to say, if you are looking to lose weight, particularly weight that is hard to remove, such as banana rolls, you are going to struggle with it if your diet is not up to much.

Therefore, if you have a trashy diet, the best and most immediate thing you can do to get rid of banana rolls is to clean your diet up.

Eliminate the Bad Stuff

Start by removing all the bad foods and ingredients you can from your diet that contribute to it storing excess fat.

Sorry, but that means things like sugar, processed ingredients, fruit juice, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and refined carbs that all compound together and result in you adding more fat onto your body.

Eat Good, Clean Stuff That Will Provide Your Body with Fuel


woman feeling buttock after banana roll fat treatment


Following on from the above, it’s not enough just to remove the bad, you need to make sure your intake includes all the good, clean stuff out there. Ingredients and food that are unprocessed.

Find complex carbohydrates you like, such as dark leafy greens, quinoa, sweet potatoes and a whole lot more. These will make you feel fuller for longer while providing your body with the important nutrients it needs.

Make sure your diet includes lots of lean sources of protein like fish and chicken that will help you to not only build muscles but maintain them too. Which, in turn, will help you to burn calories off, even when you are just sitting relaxing at the end of the day.

How to Get Rid of Banana Rolls with Exercise

Just as you can target the muscles in your legs through squats, and your abs by doing crunches, there are specific exercises that can help you reduce fat and build muscle around your buttocks.

Some exercises worth trying to include:

  • Donkey Kicks – Start on your hands and knees on either a soft surface like a carpet or mat with your hands placed beneath your shoulders and knees beneath your hips. Next take your right knee from a 90-degree angle up to hip level, while your left leg stays firmly on the mat. Then move your right knee back down, but don’t let it touch the mat, holding it in the starting position before repeating. Ideally, you should do these 15 times on both legs.


  • Gluteal Bridge Dance – Lie down on your back and have your knees bent. Place your feet parallel and about a hip’s width apart and then squeeze to bring you up to your body into the low bridge position. Then lower those hips to the floor and lift to the bridge again and repeat this process for 30 seconds. Now, while holding your hips up and rising onto your tippy toes, lower the hips down to the floor again and repeat as many times for 30 seconds. Complete this exercise by holding your knees together and pulsing your hips for a further 30 seconds.

Others to try including the Lunge-to-squat and Single-Leg Deadlifts.

Do Banana rolls go away?

Banana rolls fat should eventually go away if you follow the suggestions outlined above. If for whatever reason this fat is still giving you trouble, though and diet and exercise alone are not enough to shift it, you may want to consider a treatment like coolsculpt, which is a popular form of cryolipolysis.

Treating The Banana Roll

The most common technique for eliminating the banana roll is liposuction. A narrow cannula is placed directly into the fat deposit via a micro-incision.

The cannula loosens fat cells in the area and gently suctions them away. The result is a smoother buttock contour, without extra bulges along the lower line of the cheeks.

At Linia, we offer a special liposuction technique known as Soft Liposculpture. During this procedure, fat loosening is used to remove the fat in multiple layers.

The result is less trauma to the treatment area, which means less bruising and swelling for the patient.

After the procedure, massage is also administered to redistribute remaining fat and prevent lumpiness of the area, which can take several months to resolve.

Two Procedures In One

Some patients find that after removing fat from the banana roll area, fat can be purified and injected into the buttocks to provide greater fullness and roundness to the cheeks.

This process, known as a Brazilian butt lift, can make the results of the procedure even more dramatic and ensure the Kardashian look the patient is hoping for.

Fat can also be removed from other areas of the body, such as the midsection, to enhance the size and appearance of the buttocks.

Treating the banana roll is a highly specialized procedure that should only be performed by plastic surgeons experienced in the procedure.

At Linia, our surgeons know how to remove just the right amount of fat from the area, without causing drooping in the buttocks that interferes with the overall result.

To learn more about how you can say goodbye to your banana rolls, contact us online or call our Linia clinic at 0800-170-7171.