Before and After Surgery

Instructions before and after your cosmetic surgery

We request that you read these carefully. These are important for your general information and guidance and failure to observe them may result in your operation having to be postponed or cancelled. If you have any questions please call us.

Before your operation – What to avoid

It is advisable to NOT TO EAT OR TAKE the following for 72 hours before and after your operation.

  • Onions, Garlic and Mushrooms
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Cod liver oil

Alcohol – Please do not consume alcohol for 3 days before and 10 days after the operation.



  • If in doubt contact us immediately.
  • If you are currently taking any medication please inform us and bring them with you.
  • No aspirin or medication containing aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs (such as brufen / Voltarol) should be taken two weeks prior to your procedure unless specifically agreed upon by surgeon.
  • If you are taking the contraceptive pill you must inform us prior to surgery

Eating before the operation

If you are having a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic with sedation, please observe the following:

  • Please be aware that it may be some time before you can eat or drink anything.
  • Eat normally up to midnight the night before your operation.
  • If your admission time is at or before 12:00 noon you must be nil by mouth as of midnight before the procedure.
  • If your admission time is after 12.00 noon you may have a light breakfast no later than 6:00am
  • It is possible to have clear drinks (tea without milk) up to 4 hours before your operation.
  • You may have small sips of water for up to 2 hours before your operation

If you are having a local anaesthetic only:

You may eat and drink normally up to 4 hours before your operation. You may also drink clear fluidsup to 2 hours before your operation.


You must not smoke for two weeks before and 6 weeks after your operation. Smoking leads to delayed wound healing and bad scarring, in addition to other complications such as thrombosis and chest infections.

Personal Care

If you are having breast enlargement surgery please make sure you have your support/sports bras with you on the day. One being the size you are hoping to go to and the other a cup size bigger to allow for swelling.

The morning before treatment, please shower and shampoo your hair but do not use any body lotion or creams.

If your procedure necessitates an overnight stay, please bring all your toiletry requirements with you, together with modest overnight attire including dressing gown and slippers and comfortable clothing for your journey home.

Personal possessions

Do not bring valuables or jewellery with you to the clinic.

It is advisable to bring reading matter with you to the hospital and understand that your admission time is not the time of your operation.

Exercise after the operation

This differs according to your operation and for each individual. Please speak to your surgeon for specific instructions. However no exercise is allowed until your wounds have been checked between 7-14 days.

Post-operative check

Before you are discharged we shall arrange your after-operation check. This will take place at 7-14 days and then at 8-12 weeks.

After your surgery

You will be provided with full post-operative instructions specific to your cosmetic surgery procedure. It is important that you read and note the instructions carefully as they are important for your general information, guidance and recovery.

You will also be provided with any necessary medication and your surgeon’s contact details, should you have any concerns or questions regarding your procedure and your recovery.

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