5 Areas of Growth in Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, everyone wants to feel and look their very best. When you are looking for ways to delay the process of ageing, you can invest in plastic surgery. As time goes on, it is likely to be more common as we all would like to live and work for longer than we can.

Certain plastic surgeries will continue to be popular, even as time moves on, such as liposuction. This is a popular treatment for overweight and obesity levels on the rise.

As time moves on, the prediction is that there will be a move towards more incremental and natural plastic surgery. The popularity of non-surgical treatments has increased in popularity and this looks set to continue.

Patients are likely to keep having combinations of these kinds of procedures, but will also look for totally non-invasive choices to help give them the body and facial features they are looking for.

Here are the top five areas of growth which you can expect to see in the cosmetic surgery world.

1. Reducing Fat

The industry has already seen some new techniques for reducing fat that doesn’t involve incisions. Some of the current processes and others still to be implemented are fat-burning and fat-freezing that destroys fat cells, targeting specific areas where there are problems. Fat loss injections have also recently been offered.

2. Fat Grafting

Excess fat tissue can be moved from one part of a patient’s body to another where it can be regenerated. This is a cutting-edge technique that has already used on plastic surgery work with hands, the face, buttocks and breasts. It is, unfortunately, only a viable option if you have an adequate amount of excess fat in other parts of your body.

3. Stem Cells

Most plastic surgeons are very excited about the possibilities stem cell technology opens up. Stem cells are currently used to regenerate cells and tissues in various parts of the body.

It is predicted and thought that stem cell tech could be used in conjunction with tissue engineering to help with the growth of completely new parts of the body.

Parts like ear and skin will eventually be grown in a special lab and then implanted to restore the proper form and function.

There is also the possibility that stem cells could be reinjected as a more compatible filler with a longer lifespan than those currently available.

Stem cells can be transformed into any kind of tissue in the body, including fat and could make it likely to grow large volumes of an individual’s very own fat in a lab setting and then transferred into their buttocks, breasts and various other areas.

Stem cells could mean we no longer need to use implants at all.

Areas where there is research currently being conducted includes:

  • Transplants involving faces and hands
  • Scar treatments to help them heal
  • Care for wounds, using skin substitutes, those made from lab-grown living cells
  • Regeneration of nerves and optimal function restoration when patients suffer from nerve injuries
  • Reconstruction of breasts, the regeneration of new layers of tissue on implants for survivors of breast cancer
  • Dermal skin layer regeneration after burn injuries

4. Lip Lift

womans lips after filler lift


Enter the lip lift- a permanent procedure- typically done under local anaesthesia in less than an hour. This operation shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips by carving out a bullhorn-shaped strip of skin just below the nostrils.

It helps to raise the lips edges and creates a more natural, plumper appearance as well as adding definition to the Cupid’s bow. Some feel it’s a more natural look than Dermal lip fillers

5. Labiaplasty

Women are having labiaplasty surgery to reshape the labia. According to one study, some women opt to have this surgery – often called feminine rejuvenation – for comfort; the excess tissue on the labia can make it difficult to do certain exercises such as running or riding a bicycle.

Many women complain of pain when they wear jeans, or it can be obvious in yoga pants or a bathing suit.

These are five of the fastest growing areas of plastic surgery. If you would like a consultation on any of the treatments listed or some of the many other treatments we offer, Contact Us now and our team will be more than happy to help.