5 Things you need to know before having Breast Enlargement

Opting to have cosmetic surgery will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. From arranging your finances to finding the right surgeon for you- there is a lot to consider before you can get excited about your boob job.

Our philosophy in Linia, for performing breast augmentation is based upon two principles. First, we perform surgery for women who are whole people, not two breasts. Your desire for a specific shape and size is the most important thing. Secondly, we view this procedure as one that enhances the whole feminine figure and profile, not just the breasts.

1. What is it?
Breast augmentation is the surgical term for enlarging or reshaping the female breasts by the insertion of implants.

2. Why is it popular and what are the benefits?
Women choose to enlarge their breasts for a variety of reasons, and augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations. There are two types of patient who need this operation. Firstly, those who have never developed breast tissue and secondly, those who have found their breast tissue has decreased after having children. Breast augmentation on its own has limits in tightening the breast or raising the nipple. If you have excess loose skin or the nipple is low you may also need a mastopexy or breast lift. The benefits are self-evident. Your breasts will be larger, fuller, firmer and more shapely.

3. What does the procedure involve?
The procedure is performed either under local anaesthetic with “twilight” sedation or general anaesthetic. An overnight stay is generally not necessary.

Your surgeon will make a small incision (usually 4-5cm) under each breast. The breast tissue is then raised from the underlying muscles and a pocket created, into which a textured silicone implant is inserted. The skin is then closed with small stitches and a light dressing applied. The whole procedure usually takes about an hour to perform. Sometimes if the tissue is thin, implants are placed behind the muscle. Your surgeon shall explain the operation plan at the time of your consultation.

4. What are the risks and likely after-effects?
Cosmetic Surgery, like any other surgery, involves a “trauma” to the human body and there are risks associated with any procedure. Each woman’s body is different, and your general health, level of fitness, age and genetic profile will all have an effect on the speed of healing and also on the risk of side-effects.

If you smoke, drink alcohol, are overweight and/or take drugs for medical or other reasons, the risk of complication during and after surgery can be greatly increased. Smoking, in particular, is discouraged because it increases the risk both of infection, wound breakdown and thrombosis (blood clots).

After a breast augmentation, it is normal for all women to experience swelling, bruising and numbness. A very small number may also encounter infection. Long term, in a minority of cases (about 10%), the body may react to the implants by creating a hard capsule of scar tissue around them. This is correctable. The risks can be reduced by a massage that shall be explained after the operation.

5. What will happen after the operation?
Your surgeon will see you when you have come round from the anaesthetic to check that all is well, and discharge you providing you are fit to return home. You’ll be given medication and full post-operative instructions along with appropriate telephone numbers in case you need to contact us at any time. You will need to wear a support bra continuously for the first two weeks to provide support and reduce swelling.