5 Top Scar Techniques for Breast Reduction by Linia Cosmetic

At Linia Cosmetic Surgery we want to make sure all our patients are happy and satisfied with their procedure and make sure that after each procedure patients do not leave with massive, unpleasant scars. For that reason, our leading Harley Street doctor has developed 5 scar techniques which leave small scars.

1.    Nipple Lift

Involves small scars around half the nipple only.

2.    Circumareolar Mastopexy

The breast is lifted with a small scar around the nipple. No other scars are made.

3.    Suspension Uplift

Involves moving and suspending the whole breast through a small incision around the nipple.

4.    Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

Involves liposuction to reduce the volume of breast and small scars to tighten and lift it.

5.    Combination with Breast Implant

May be needed in certain uplift cases to achieve firmer breasts and better results.