8 Things to Know About Lip Fillers Including Cost

It’s fair to say that lip fillers are a big deal right now. With celebs like Kylie Jenner and others looking to achieve pouting perfection, it’s one of the biggest and most popular treatments right now.

Although lips fillers are a great choice for anyone looking for lips that are fuller with better definition, there’s a lot you need to understand before investing in the treatment. You need to make sure you understand what they are and how the treatment works.


In the following post, that’s what we aim to do, use some common questions and answers that we’re often asked to explain the essentials about lip fillers.

What are lip fillers and lip augmentation?

This can either be a cosmetic non-surgical or surgical procedure that injects your lips with a solution referred to as a filler that gives them greater definition or temporary fullness.

What’s involved in the procedure for lip fillers?

The lip augmentation process using lip fillers will normally take at least 60-minutes to complete, including consultation with the cosmetic practitioner and the filler injections.

Though people who have lips that have lost a lot of volume over the years or whose lips are naturally thinner normally opt for this form of lip enhancement, the process is safe and suitable for people of all ages.

A step-by-step rundown of the process is as follows:

1. Consultation appointment to check your suitability for lip fillers

2. Application of topical cream that numbs the area is carried out 30-minutes before the actual injections

3. Once they’re numb, an incredibly small needle is used to give you a number of filler injections

4. Following each injection, the areas of your lips are massaged to spread the solution evenly out

When Will You See the Difference in Your Lips?

You’ll notice the difference straight away, but to see the full benefit of the fillers, you’ll need to wait for the swelling to complete subside, which can take around 48-hours.




What is the Recovery Time for Lip Fillers and are there any Side Effects?

As there’s no recovery time necessary after lip augmentation of this kind, you’re able to get on with your life as normal.

Don’t worry if you see bruising or small lumps in the first couple of days after having the treatment, and while some patients have taken time off until those heal, it won’t harm you if you don’t.

How Much Lip Filler Will I Need?

The natural shape and structure of your lips is one of the factors that determines how much lip filler will be used.

For instance, if you have lips that are naturally very thing and are looking for that sexy fully look, it may take you more than one session to build the fullness gradually.

Your cosmetic practitioner will discuss and work out a plan for treatment that’s best for you.

How long does lip augmentation/fillers last?

As they’re exceptionally versatile, lip fillers can be utilised to achieve a variety of different looks, depending on what you prefer. Some go for that fuller look, while others opt for something a little subtler.

The lip fillers used by cosmetic clinics tend to vary somewhat in their ingredients and makeup. However, here at Linia we use Hyaluronic Acid fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally-occurring sugar found inside the body. As such, your body will accept it easily and will only break it down very slowly and gradually over several months.

You’ll find that, while it depends on your current lifestyle and the amount injected, that lip fillers will last around 6-monhts before you need to consider having them redone.


How Often Do Lip Fillers Need to be Topped Up?

To ensure your lips have the definition and volume you’re after, it’s normal practice to have your lips topped up with filler at least every 3 to 6-months.

There are fillers though, that can last as long as 12-months.

As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, lip filler results vary somewhat depending on the patient.

So, you should make sure you speak to the practitioner for tips how you can extend the life of your newly fuller lips after they’ve been injected.


How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

Lip fillers can vary in cost, depending on the quantity and type of solution used.

We would advise you to use a provider with a good reputation for using only quality products, rather than just choosing a clinic because they’re cheaper.

Here at Linia, we offer lip fillers that start at £250, but regularly offer discounts of up to 10%. Contact Linia today to get more luscious and fuller lips!