A Day With Mr Azhar Aslam At Linia

daily-mirror-16aug11-art1Journalist Jenny Francis recently spent a day with Mr Aslam at our Harley Street clinic where she sat in and observed some local anaesthetic procedures and chatted with the patients…

Cosmetic surgery has been around for years – but like the pace of modern life, treatment times are ­getting faster.

London’s Harley Street ­remains at the forefront of ­developments and I’m visiting surgery provider Linia to see patients undergo treatment in the time it takes the rest of us to have a leisurely lunch break.

It takes place under local ­anaesthetic, meaning the patient is awake throughout the ­operation and, once it’s over, can walk out of the surgery just hours later.

When I arrive at 9am I’m invited into a beautiful building.

I was surprised – maybe I was ­expecting a hospital with white walls and a smell of disinfectant.

But I am greeted with a living ­room-inspired waiting room, with comfy sofas and a cup of tea.

I meet Linia’s team and Azhar Aslam, the surgeon who will let me sit in on his operations.

I don’t have long before the first ­patient of the day arrives, Caroline Moore, who is 22.

Walking in with her boyfriend, Luke, 34, she has a large smile on her face, gives a big friendly hello to the team, but whispers, “I’m a little nervous” to me as she’s shown up the grand staircase to the consultation room.

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