Is Breast Augmentation Whilst Awake Possible? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Bood Job in a lunch hour

The Mail on Sunday Review supplement recently featured an article about a woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery with breast implants whilst awake.

It was a fascinating and interesting article which highlighted the many benefits of choosing local anaesthesia.

The patient was awake and comfortably sedated the whole way through her breast implants procedure and spoke very positively about her experience.

Surprisingly, the surgeon performing the procedure in the article described this as a ‘new technique’ but as many of our patients know, at Linia we have been offering local anaesthesia for many of our procedures – with or without sedation for the last 8 years.

Linia surgeon Mr Aslam was one of the first plastic surgeons to pioneer this breast implants technique, which was featured heavily in the Daily Mail and other national media at the time – it was in fact known as ‘the lunchtime boob job’.

It continues to be an increasingly popular choice with our patients at Linia Cosmetic Surgery and it’s great that the benefits are again being highlighted in the media.

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Here are some more things to know about the awake breast augmentation procedure:

Can you really get breast augmentation under local anesthesia?

As surprising as it may seem, yes, you really can have breast augmentation without a general anaesthetic.

It involves a numbing fluid that is comprised of epinephrine (to control bleeding) and lidocaine (a well-known anaesthetic) being injected into the area where the plastic surgery is going to be performed.

This means, much like very minor operations and procedures such as mole and verruca removals, caesarean section, wisdom teeth extractions and cataract removal, you are awake for it all.

Two of the biggest benefits of plastic surgeons performing a breast augmentation is that it avoids the use of a general anaesthetic which can cause disorientation and nausea for the patient, and that the recovery process is quicker.

Not only that, but patients are able to perform daily chores and tasks, eat and walk more quickly following awake surgery.

What are the risks of breast surgery while awake?

No form of plastic surgery, performed by a trained plastic surgeon, whether it’s a breast enhancement like breast implants or another form of breast surgery involving an incision is 100% safe.

With any surgery there a number of challenges and risks involved. After all, skin is being cut and work is being carried out on internal parts of your body.

With most women in good overall health there is unlikely to be too many risks or side effects, other than those associated with traditionally performed breast augmentations.

However, when things don’t go as well, according to Yale School of Medicine that overuse of the tumescent anaesthetic used in the process can cause you to suffer from an irregular heartbeat (which is why it is always imperative to research your surgeon thoroughly).

Preparing for breast augmentation while awake

There is also the worry that many experts have that when mid-surgery consultations are held during an awake breast augmentation, and you have the opportunity to choose the size of breasts you would prefer, it is not always conducive the right decision being made.

Many have the worry, in other words, that women under sedation and a local anaesthetic are less able to pick out the size of implants they would prepare that will suit their body type and be healthy enough for them.

This in itself can lead to a number of complications such as a very noticeable rippling effect on their breasts caused by implants that are too big. Ideally, of course, this should be discussed and agreed before any incisions are made at the consultation.

Another worry is that in other parts of the world and other clinics there are people performing awake breast augmentations who are unskilled and not a board certified plastic surgeon. Therefore, they may not have the skill or experience and they’re unable to provide the right counsel and guidance to avoid the above from happening.

Fortunately, here at Linia Cosmetic in London, this is not a problem as only our most senior and qualified practitioners are allowed to perform awake breast augmentations and are fully able to give appropriate consultation and guidance before, during and after the procedure has been completed.

How much does Awake breast augmentation cost?

We understand that cost is a hugely important consideration you need to make when deciding whether an awake breast augmentation is better for you.

While it’s true that it may cost less than a traditional breast augmentation because local anesthesia is less expensive than general anesthesia, there are more determining factors involved in the final cost.

For instance it depends on the cost of the consultation, how many initial appointments are needed before the actual procedure is performed, as well as your needs and the goals you are looking to achieve with your breast augmentation, whether it’s implants, a reduction, a lift or a combination of surgeries.

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Many of our procedures are available with this safer option, including liposuction/liposculpture, breast augmentation, nipple surgery, abdominoplasty and facelifts.

At Linia we refer to this surgical technique as ‘Quick Recovery Surgery’ as the patient can return home soon after their surgery and begin their recovery in their own comfortable environment and they don’t have the risks of the possible side effects as with general anesthesia, which can also prolong recovery.

To help reassure patients who may feel nervous at the thought of being awake during surgery, we have a unique ‘Patient Buddy’ scheme that allows new patients who are considering surgery under local to speak to patients who have already had similar surgery with us.

This is often the best form of ‘hand-holding’ and can help settle any nervous feeling or doubts the patient may have about not being put to sleep.

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