Breast Reduction & Breast Uplift Aftercare

This guide is for patients who have undergone their breast surgery and require post-operative advice and care during their first 3-6 weeks of recovery.


Your surgeon will see you when you have come round from the anaesthetic to check that all is well. You will probably stay in the hospital for a day or two to ensure you receive all the care and support you need. If you have drainage tubes, these will be removed soon after the operation, and once you are fit to return home, you will be given medication and full post-operative instructions along with appropriate telephone numbers in case you need to contact us at any time.

Week 1-2

During the first week after surgery, you should not remove the dressings at any time and you will not be able to immerse your breasts in water. You should try to resume normal daily activities as soon as possible: general mobility will help speed up the healing process. You should NOT, however, drive or undertake any strenuous activity or exercise.

You will see our nurse after 7-10 days so that she can check your progress and remove your dressings and stitches. After your check-up you should be able to bathe and shower fully as usual, using unscented products. You should also be able to drive again.

Week 6-10

You can expect much of the swelling and discomfort to have eased by now, and you should be able to start gentle exercise again. Your surgeon will see you again, usually 8-10 weeks afterwards for a full post-operative consultation. You can also travel by air, and sunbathe if you wish, taking care not to expose any scars to the sun.