You’d Never Guess Our Skin Secret- Top Sante feature with Linia corrective surgery patient Denise

They say every scar tells a story. Top Sante meets four women whose bodies speak volumes.

We all bear the scars of the past. It might be the blurry outline of a playground injury on our knee, or the silvery lines that whisper across our thighs and remind us of pregnancy. ‘Sometimes we’re fond of our scars because they’re part of our “story.” We integrate them into our sense of self,’ says psychologist Gladeana McMahon. But for some women, their scars are more than just a faint souvenir- they’re painful reminders of a traumatic brush with death or a surgical procedure gone wrong; they draw gasps and stares and are impossible to ignore. ‘Instead of just being a part of us, severe scars almost take us over completely and come to define us,’ says McMahon. We meet four amazing women who’ve not allowed this to happen. They’ve learned to live with the story etched upon their skin, to cope with other people’s reactions and to wear their scars with pride. Continue reading “You’d Never Guess Our Skin Secret- Top Sante feature with Linia corrective surgery patient Denise”

Day in the Life of a Drop-In Cosmetic Surgery Clinic- Sun feature with Mr Aslam and Linia patients

Would you have a boob job, lipo or a tummy tuck while still awake? Advances in local anaesthetic drugs means it’s becoming increasingly common. The patient remains fully conscious during the procedure, but they feel no pain.

Jenny Francis spent a day with Mr Azhar Aslam at Linia Cosmetic Surgery in London’s Harley Street, to experience the fast pace of today’s booming cosmetic surgery industry. Here, she meets four women who were in and out in hours. Continue reading “Day in the Life of a Drop-In Cosmetic Surgery Clinic- Sun feature with Mr Aslam and Linia patients”

Cosmetic Surgery on the increase… especially with the men

Even though the last few years have been financially gloomy – the UK population has still wanted to look its best! Despite the recession, BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) have reported that over 36,400 cosmetic procedures were carried out during 2009. Their figures show that depite the downturn in the economy, there has been a steady increase in the number of people having cosmetic surgery over the past few years. In fact, they recorded a rise of 6.7% from the year 2008 to 2009. Male surgery has proved to be one of the fastest growing areas, which has seen a 21% growth in demand. Gynaecomastia (male breast reduction) procedures alone have escalated by an incredible 80%. Continue reading “Cosmetic Surgery on the increase… especially with the men”

Latest Information regarding PIP Implants

Latest information regarding PIP Implants

At Linia we don’t use PIP implants. However these implants have been used in the past.
If you have any concerns, or would like information on our PIP replacement policy, please contact us on 0845 230 1700.

released by Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
04/10/10 Continue reading “Latest Information regarding PIP Implants”

Awake Through All This! Love It! feature with Linia patient Emma

Emma fancied a few nips and tucks to get back her pre-pregnancy body. And she wanted to keep a close eye on it all, too…

Latex-gloved hands moved toward my breasts. They were clutching a glinting scalpel in their powdery, pale fingers. I couldn’t take my eyes of the blade.

‘Are you comfortable?’ the owner of the fingers asked me, and I nodded. Then he drew the scalpel along the underside of my left breast… Continue reading “Awake Through All This! Love It! feature with Linia patient Emma”

Would you have a nip/tuck wedding? Wedding Magazine feature with Linia patient Amanda

Boob job with your bouquet, madam? Pre-wedding plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with British brides. We asked women if they’d go under the knife to look their best on the big day…

“Yes!” says Amanda McMurtrie. I used to be one of those women who was totally against cosmetic surgery. I didn’t understand why others felt they needed to take such extreme action on their bodies. However, by the time my fiancé Andrew popped the question last year, I had entirely different opinions on the matter. Continue reading “Would you have a nip/tuck wedding? Wedding Magazine feature with Linia patient Amanda”

It’s not just ‘older’ people seeking facial rejuvenation

Non-Surgical treatments such as Botox and fillers are often used by people in their late 20’s and onwards to help refresh and rejuvenate their appearance.rejuvenate-your-face

There are many different methods of facial rejuvenation with subtle techniques to keep you looking young without drastic changes to your appearance.

Botox helps to eliminate fine lines and fillers can help plump out any creases in the skin and enhance the lips.

There are several varieties of dermal fillers available, each suited to particular areas of the face and to achieve different looks.

For additional information about facial rejuvenation please visit our Facial Rejuvenation & Facelift pages.


Err…exactly how old are you? Take A Break feature with Linia patient Kay

He was young enough to be my son – but he just didn’t know it! But how long could I keep my lover in the dark?

By Kay Silver, 55

I swayed my hips to the left, then to the right in a hypnotic fashion. When I’d finished I turned to my one-man audience and said ‘What do you think?’

‘We’ll be in touch’… he said. My heart sank, I knew exactly what that meant – Continue reading “Err…exactly how old are you? Take A Break feature with Linia patient Kay”

Skin And Wrinkle Reduction Treatments At Linia

Oscar winning singer Adele is being chased by skincare giants to front their campaigns, according to Yahoo. The glamorous singing beauty has a flawless complexion and gorgeous bright eyes surrounded by the most amazing lashes, which has earned her a loyal following in the aesthetics industry.

This 24 year old girl really does have it all! She obviously takes care of her skin and knows how to wear her look to perfection. A lover of bold eye make-up and ‘high’ hair, Adele has a look many of us would dream of… Continue reading “Skin And Wrinkle Reduction Treatments At Linia”

Body Fat Transfer – available at Linia Cosmetic Surgery

Fat transferring procedures have been around for more than 100 years. It’s an increasingly popular procedure for reshaping and plumping up areas of the body, including the face, hands, calf muscles, bottom and breasts.

Fat cells are harvested using a liposuction technique – usually from areas that naturally store fat – the thighs, stomach or bottom area. The cells are then purified and processed before being injected back into the area of the body that needs treating. Continue reading “Body Fat Transfer – available at Linia Cosmetic Surgery”

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