Allergan Implants Update

As you may be aware, there has been a scare about Allergan implants. Allergan following the suspension of their implants, have withdrawn their sale from the UK and Europe. However, the medical regulatory authorities have stated that there is no increased risk of health problems with these implants and therefore have not recommended the removal of implants which are already in the patients’ breasts.

Having said that it has raised many concerns. We want to reassure you that we are fully aware of these developments and are available to perform free check-ups for your breasts. We strongly recommend everyone with Allergan implants to come in for a check-up. Particularly those whose with implants are 5 years or older.

Please call 0800 170 7171 to book your free check-up appointment.

5 Things you need to know before having Breast Reduction and Uplift

1.    What is it?

As the name suggests, the procedure reduces the overall size of the breasts and can also correct asymmetry, where one breast is larger than the other. Breast uplift or “mastopexy” is a procedure similar to breast reduction. It tightens loose skin and reshapes and repositions the nipples if they are misaligned. Continue reading “5 Things you need to know before having Breast Reduction and Uplift”

5 Top Scar Techniques for Breast Reduction by Linia Cosmetic

At Linia Cosmetic Surgery we want to make sure all our patients are happy and satisfied with their procedure and make sure that after each procedure patients do not leave with massive, unpleasant scars. For that reason, our leading Harley Street doctor has developed 5 scar techniques which leave small scars. Continue reading “5 Top Scar Techniques for Breast Reduction by Linia Cosmetic”

Looking after your skin on holiday

Playful couple at infinity pool.Now schools have broken up, we hope you are looking forward to your summer holiday!

Whether your ideal holiday is lying on the beach, relaxing at home or sight seeing it is important (especially if you are going to hotter climates) to be aware of the sun.  You don’t want to spend two or three days of your holiday with sunstroke or sunburn!  In some countries it can take as little as 15 minutes to burn your skin, so a good idea is to put your first application of sun cream on when you are getting dressed in the morning. Continue reading “Looking after your skin on holiday”

Do The Rice Test To Help Decide On The Size And Weight Of The Implants You’d Like.

If you’ve decided to go ahead with breast implants, or indeed, if you’re considering it’s something you would like in the future, a simple test is advised to help you choose the size of implants you’d like.

Weigh out some dry rice then pour it into some pop-socks or stockings. The amount of rice in grams is equal to the CC of the implant.

how-to-choose-a-bra-size1 Continue reading “Do The Rice Test To Help Decide On The Size And Weight Of The Implants You’d Like.”

Breast Implants vs. Breast Lift: Which is Right for Me?

Breast augmentation or enhancement is a popular choice in plastic surgery today, but it can be difficult to know which procedure will provide you with the best results. Many patients question whether they are better suited for breast implants Vs a breast lift. Which procedure is right will depend on the current appearance of your breasts and the specific results you are hoping to achieve. Continue reading “Breast Implants vs. Breast Lift: Which is Right for Me?”

Just for Mums: Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back!

If you are one of the mums who recently had a baby, you may be starting to think about how to get your pre-pregnancy body back after months of weight gain, childbirth and breastfeeding. The good news is there are numerous options in cosmetic surgery that can help you enhance your appearance and whittle away the tell-tale signs of your mum duties. Continue reading “Just for Mums: Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back!”

Meryl’s Journey With Linia


Meryl had been refused three times by the NHS for reconstruction surgery after a severe fluctuating thyroid ruined her body. Due to the drastic weight swings, Meryl at the age of 28, has been left with large areas of excess skin on her stomach and breasts. She contacted our head surgeon, Mr. Aslam, seeking medical and financial help. Having heard about her journey, Mr. Aslam was willing to work with Meryl on a price, and she was able to raise the rest of the money through a Facebook campaign! We asked her to share her experience with us. Continue reading “Meryl’s Journey With Linia”