Denise’s Tummy Tuck Story

Like many people Denise Dawson, a driving instructor from Bristol, struggled to achieve the flat stomach like she’d always wanted no matter what amount of dieting or exercise she did.

Initially Denise opted to have liposuction surgery with a clinic abroad as a cheaper alternative to undergoing a procedure in the UK. After Denise returned home she realised that the operation had gone wrong and she was left with hard lumps of fat around her stomach. “I decided to look into plastic surgery, but couldn’t afford the prices in the UK”. “I travelled to Brussels, but after my experience I’d never go abroad again”.Denise Dawson Quote

Concerned about her results, Denise decided to visit Linia Cosmetic Surgery, where she was told that she would need a mini tummy tuck to remove the scarring and lumps that had been left by her liposuction. Denise had her operation under Local Anaesthetic and after 45 minutes she was able to walk out of the theatre and into the recovery room.  Following her recovery, Denise was checked by the Linia team and surgeon and she was able to go home.  Denise said: “I wasn’t nervous, considering I was awake through the whole thing.  It’s just nice to know I can go back home tonight and not have to stay in hospital.”

denise on th beachDenise is over the moon with her surgery and where once she wouldn’t get undressed in front of her husband she is now wearing a bikini on the beach.  Looking toned and happy Denise’s confidence has soared and she comments:

“It was worth every penny.  The lumps have disappeared from my tummy.  I never thought I’d feel comfortable in a bikini, but the op’s put the spark back in our marriage and Colin can’t believe how positive I am now.  It’s taken awhile, but I’m finally beach ready.”