Facelift or Thread Lift: What’s the difference?

Thread lifts and facelifts are cosmetic surgery procedures designed to improve the appearance of your face; in particular, they both help reduce or get rid of the signs of ageing that appear on your face over time. Even though both thread lifts and facelifts have the same goals, there are a number of significant differences between the two.

Facelifts vs Thread Lifts

  • Facelifts: Some of the signs of ageing include developing lines due to loss of volume or repeated muscle action, sagging skin and excess skin. It is the latter two that facelifts are very effective in treating. Facelifts are also useful in restoring some of the volume that you would have lost from your face, ridding you of deep creases around your eyes, nose, and mouth, and removing fat and loose skin remove your neck region. On the other hand, the appearance your eyebrows, nose, and eyelids cannot be changed through a facelift. The procedure to be followed during a facelift will be decided by your doctor based on your expectations. The procedure will generally involve making incisions and then lifting the skin to tighten muscles and remove fat before removing excess skin and stitching your skin back together. There are, broadly speaking, three approaches: neck lift, traditional, and limited-incision facelift.
  • Thread lifts: Thread lifts are a less expensive alternative to facelifts and have a much shorter recovery time. It also takes less time to perform. However, the procedure is not very popular. The procedure is specifically for those people who have not manifested a large amount of ageing signs. No incisions are necessary; instead, we insert threads in your skin using a needle and then pull them to tighten your skin