How Soon Can I Drive After Breast Surgery?

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Following any kind of surgery, it is only natural for all of us to want to resume our day to day routines as soon as possible.

For many of us, that includes driving, whether it is for work or general uses. However, it is essential to understand that breast surgery does take time to heal, be it for breast implants or breast cancer.

But how long exactly will it take for you to be able to drive again?

Simply put, it could take you from one week to several weeks before you can safely take the wheel again.

Generally speaking, most patients resume driving following breast surgery after about a week – however, only your healthcare team and potentially your insurance company will be able to tell you when you can start driving safely again.

How Long After Breast Enlargement Can You Drive?

Although certain things such as exercising will take a much longer recovery period before you should even try them, you can get back to your normal driving routine relatively quickly.

Generally speaking, surgeons advise that you do not drive anywhere for the first five to seven days after your operation.

You will likely be on pain medication that your board-certified plastic surgeon will prescribe during this time.

This kind of medication can cause drowsiness, so it is forbidden to try it while taking them. Moreover, your body will have reduced movement (due to the stitches, pain, swelling, etc.).

Obviously, driving doesn’t usually involve any heavy lifting; however, you do need to have full movement and ease of movement as you drive to be able to adapt to any situation and not be distracted by any discomfort.

It is also important to note that doctors usually do not need to prescribe pain medication for breast augmentation recovery for more than the first few days following the plastic surgery – however, some women need a little extra recovery time and could therefore need pain treatments for longer.

Therefore, you may need to avoid driving for more than just the first week following your surgery and may need two weeks or more to recover.

That is why following surgery, before taking up all of your everyday activities again, you should wait for at least one week, and to be safe, consult your doctor during your follow up appointment before resuming driving.

Can I Drive 5 Days After Breast Augmentation?

Whereas some women need several weeks to recover from their breast enlargement surgery, others only need a few days.

Now, it is essential to understand that you will not make a full recovery before a few weeks post-op.

Therefore, you will be advised to avoid any strenuous exercise and even to potentially wear a sports bra during the healing process.

However, most patients take no longer than five to seven days to resume their normal driving routines when it comes to driving.

Now, if you have to drive a large vehicle for work, your doctor may suggest that you wait a little longer before resuming your regular routines, as you may need to recover more before being able to drive a large vehicle safely.

On the other hand, even if you simply drive a car to and from work and to run your errands every day, your surgeon may still suggest that you take more time before resuming your driving.

The best thing to do is to ask your surgeon during your next review, as they will be able to provide you with more information and a more accurate date about when you should resume driving.

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What Factors Determine How Long I Have to Wait Before I Drive?

There are a few things that affect the time that you will have to wait before driving following breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Medication: As was previously mentioned, certain pain killers that are prescribed by doctors can cause severe drowsiness and render the patient unable to use any heavy machinery or indeed drive. The amount of time that you will use the medication will dictate how long it will be before you drive again.
  • Recovery time: Beyond the medication, your recovery time will be singular to you and your surgery type, which will also dictate how long you should stay away from driving. Whether your surgery involves silicone implants, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction, the surgery will have modified your body in a way that you will need to get used to and heal from before taking the wheel.


Whether you are going to have breast cancer surgery, or breast augmentation surgery, it is essential to follow the safety guidelines that your surgeons recommend.

Just as they will tell you to avoid doing any push-ups or weight lifting for the first six weeks, they will also likely tell you to ensure that you have someone to drive you around for at least the first five to seven days following the treatment.

Around the time that you start driving again, they will likely suggest that you start with some light exercise involving arm exercises to help with the healing process and to recover your normal movement.

Breast tissue is sensitive – so please be sure to take normal activities carefully!