How to make injections less painful

If you are nervous and hate injections new research from the University of Jaen in Spain has found that if you hold your breath it may make the pain a little more bearable!

Whereas we have always been told in the past to relax, holding your breath (for a short period of time) may be the key to lessen the pain of the needle! If you hold your breath, it is a stress free way of raising your blood pressure, prompting sensors in the lungs to instruct the brain to bring the pressure back down.  The signals from the senses also make the brain dampen the nervous system – leading researchers to wonder if it’s an effect way to block pain.

At the University of Jaen they conducted a simple experiment on 38 volunteers.  They first squashed the finger nails of the volunteers for five seconds, telling them to hold their breath.  Then they repeated the test, but telling them to breath slowly.  Researchers found that breath-holding proved the most effective in pain managment.

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Unfortunately the technique doesn’t work on unexpected pain as you have to breathe in before the pain starts.  So, if you dread the needle and find it painful, breathe in and then hold your breath – see if it works for you!

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