Is Cosmetic Surgery a ‘Cult of Youth’ ?

Cosmetic Surgery can help to regain some of your youthful appearance. It can help shift your mental attitude but it can’t turn back the clock. Do you really wish to turn back the clock and lose the experiences and cherished memories that make up who you are?

Most people will clearly answer ‘No’ to these questions but that doesn’t mean they don’t aspire for youthfulness.

So why do we want to be part of the ‘cult of youth’ and what reasons can drive us to seek it?

We live in a prosperous healthy society that allows us to live and enjoy life as best and for as long as we can. It could be that we crave the exuberance youth may bring. Do we perceive it will make us feel better, more positive, more energetic – able to conquer the world? If we look younger, we feel younger.

Is it that we miss our physical younger bodies or do we miss the way we felt inside? This in turn relates mental youth to a physical element or feature and this is what may drive us to regain a younger appearance. With a longer life expectancy, at the age of 60 or 70 we can expect to see two or even three more decades ahead of us and we wish to live it with a more youthful and able mind as well as body.

Most people in my experience do not have unrealistic wants when they seek Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery will not replace your older tissues with younger ones but can reposition your tissues in a youthful looking manner. A surgeon can perform a face lift but not replace the older skin with younger one. One may be able to lift the breast or insert implants but one cannot replace the older breast with a full younger breasts.


One patient told me something which was very instructive. She said, ‘I am not doing it for anyone else to look at me and tell me how I look or that I look young and beautiful. I just want to look at myself every morning and enjoy my looks and be happy’.