Is this warm weather making you think about your bikini body? Vaser Liposuction might be the treatment for you

Now that it seems spring is upon us, it’s time to get thinking about your beach body.  Whilst we would never advocate going straight to surgery, Vaser Liposuction is a fantastic treatment to help you lose those last stubborn pounds.

A revolutionary new technique, Vaser is used for fat removal and the contouring of the body.  Less invasive than traditional Liposuction and with precision contouring it targets just the fat in the body, which gives a smoother end result, with less bruising.

Vaser works by using Ultrasound (ie sound energy) to break up and emulsify the fatty tissue.  Once the fat has liquefied, it is removed via suction and massage.  Finally, remodelling the preserved tissues encourages the skin to retract and gives a smoother appearance.

As Vaser is such a superior fat removal treatment, many delicate areas can be treated, such as the chin, ankle and neck.  Traditional areas like the buttocks and thighs can also be treated and with the procedure being done under Local Anaesthetic, patients can return home shortly after their treatment.

Finally, it is important to understand that Liposuction techniques are not weight loss treatments and Linia always recommend a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Vaser Liposuction is a fantastic treatment for those people wanting to remove stubborn areas of fat and contour the body.

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