Jennie’s Linia Journey

When Jennie was a teenager she had ample breasts, but for no reason whatsoever, in her twenties her breasts shrank, to such an extent that you could see the areas where once there had been breast tissue.  After six years of wanting a breast augmentation and not liking the boyish figure she saw in the mirror, she decided that she was going to have one.  Because Jennie’s mum had already had two breast augmentations and an Jennie Thornton Quoteuplift with Linia Cosmetic Surgery, Jennie knew all about the treatment and Linia; so in September 2010, Jennie decided to have a breast augmentation under Local Aesthetic with Linia.  Because of health reasons it is not recommended Jennie has General Aesthetic, so Linia’s pioneering Local Aesthetic surgery was the perfect choice.

Jennie who was a D cup in her teenage years, but in her twenties had shrunk to a small B asked the Linia surgeon to fill the breast cavity with the new implant, which took Jennie back up to a D cup.  Therefore looking natural and returning Jennie to the figure she once had.

jennie after breast augmentationAfter her initial consultation with the surgeon who was going to perform the treatment, Jennie was given a two week “cooling off” period, so as to be 100% certain that she wanted to go ahead with the operation.  Once Jennie had decided, she came down to London as a day patient and was in surgery for just over an hour.  Able to go home that evening, Jennie followed Linia’s aftercare and whilst being alittle sore for a couple of days afterwards she was very happy with the results and after care.  Commenting: “Everything was absolutely fantastic.  I had complete confidence in Linia and I would never go elsewhere.”

In fact Jennie and her Mum are so happy with Linia Cosmetic Surgery, through their recommendations her sister-in-law, cousin and eight of their friends have all had treatments with Linia!

Jenny says: ”I am so happy with my new breasts.  I didn’t have the s

urgery for self
esteem and I pretty much wear the same clothes as I did before.  However, my clothes do seem to fit me better now!  It’s just if I caught a glimpse of myself getting out of the bath my breasts were not how they ought to be, they looked extremely saggy and for no reason at all.  However, my breasts now are how they should be on me and I am very happy with my new figure.”