Liposuction or Tummy Tuck: What’s right for you?

You’d have to have lived under a rock for the last couple of decades to not have heard of tummy tucks (Abdominoplasty) and liposuctions. Given how popular they are nowadays, and the fact that celebrities are constantly discussing their experiences (and sharing the pictures) on a weekly, even daily basis.

So, if you’re interested in having one of these procedures, you need to understand which is best for you. To help you make that decision, we’re going to look at the differences between these procedures below.

There’s a common misconception that these procedures can help you with weight loss. Whereas they are actually designed to give you a tighter and firmer abdomen (tummy tuck) or remove hard-to-shirt fatty pockets (liposuction).

What Liposuction and Tummy Tucks Actually Do


Linia offers liposculpture and liposuction treatments for patients looking to remove those hard-to-shift areas of fat.

With the most advanced equipment and techniques, we can remove unwanted fat cells from just about any part of the body or face to give you a slimmer look by improving the tone and definition of your skin. We can treat multiple areas at the same time.

The most popular areas patients opt for liposculpture being utilised is the male chest, chin, buttocks, thighs and stomach.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are used to tone and flatten protruding and saggy abdomens to produce a more attractively contoured and flatter tummy.

For women, this can be used to achieve a more feminine and curvier waistline.


Which areas can be treated with Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck?

One of the big differences is the areas that these treatments can be used. These are highlighted below.


  • Arms
  • outer and inner thighs
  • hips
  • knees
  • chin
  • buttocks
  • stomach

Tummy Tuck

  • Stomach


Am I suitable for liposuction or an abdominoplasty?

Both treatments require certain criteria for the client to meet


Your BMI needs to be assessed to check whether it will be safe or not to perform liposuction on you

Tummy Tuck

As this is not a weightless surgery, you need to be at your ideal, healthy weight before having the surgery


What are the Benefits of Liposuction and abdominoplasty Treatment?

Another way to differentiate these two procedures is by the benefits you can gain from having either.

Liposuction benefits

  • Feeling of your body being more proportionally sized
  • Great self-confidence
  • Motivation to have a healthier lifestyle
  • Increased choice of clothes

Tummy Tuck benefits

  • Greater choice of clothes
  • Flatter and firmer stomach
  • Get back your pre-pregnancy figure
  • Increased confidence when wearing figure-hugging clothing and swimwear


What are the Side Effects of Treatment with Tummy Tucks and Liposuction?

Before you decide which treatment is best for you, you should also consider the side effects. Modern cosmetic surgeries always carry some risks, even if they are rare.

Liposuction Potential Side Effects

  • Abdominal organs, lungs, muscles, blood vessels, nerve damage
  • Numbness
  • Skin sensation changes
  • Allergic reaction to lidocaine
  • Uneven removal of fat
  • Instrument burns
  • Fat embolisms (where tiny pieces of fat break off and block blood flow)
  • Staph and Strep infections
  • Fluid accumulation (fluid pockets that form under your skin)
  • Shock (normally from not getting an adequate amount of fluid during surgery)
  • Anaesthesia complications
  • Bleeding

Tummy Tuck Potential Side Effects

  • A scar around the belly button (if you opted for a complete abdominoplasty) or scar across the lower tummy
  • Raised, red scarring that fade to white after 6-weeks or more
  • Temporary swelling due to excess fluid above the site of the scar
  • Bruises and pain
  • Difficulty standing upright, with the feeling of your tummy being pulled down (this improves in due time)

We hope this has given you more of an insight into what each procedure involves and helped you make a informed decision.

Before you agree to go ahead with any cosmetic surgical procedure, we recommend that you book a FREE consultation with Linia Cosmetic Surgery.

Our doctors will be able to advise you on the correct procedure to suit your needs as well as assess your suitability to your chosen Cosmetic Surgery.