Questions for your Surgeon

You’ve decided on having cosmetic surgery and are about to meet your surgeon for the first time. What information do you need to know and what questions should you ask? Here’s our list to print out and take along to your consultation:

  1. What exactly does the procedure entail?
  2. How the procedure will be performed?
  3. What anaesthesia will be used?
  4. Will there be any scarring and where will it be?
  5. Will there be any pain or discomfort during or after the operation?
  6. What will be the recovery time?
  7. What will happen during recovery period?
  8. What must I do/not do to ensure a good recovery?
  9. Is there a follow-up programme for me to follow after the surgery?
  10. When do I get back to normal activities?
  11. What are the possible risks and complications associated with the specific surgery I intend to undergo?
  12. How will these risks managed?
  13. What happens if there is a complication?
  14. What will the follow up be?
  15. What to expect in the follow up period?
  16. Surgeon’s qualifications and experience.
  17. Previous patients and if you can speak to any one