What Are Your Reasons For Cosmetic Surgery?

It is perfectly normal and healthy to seek improvement and rejuvenation. However, becoming obsessive about a particular feature on one’s body is not healthy. People who worry excessively about their appearance or body image make poor candidates for cosmetic surgery. Here we explore the typical reasons for plastic surgery, when it’s a good thing and when it becomes negative.

We all view ourselves in an individual and subjective way. For example, an individual may be concerned about a particular feature of her or his body, while this has gone completely unnoticed by the people around her or him.

Every patient has different motivations for surgical or non-surgical enhancement. The reasons vary and can often be from somebody just wanting to improve their looks and body shape, to others wanting a more youthful appearance, or maybe they’ll have experienced a life changing event, prompting them to seek physical improvement.

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Ultimately, as individuals we know what is right and what is wrong for us, and how we want to look and feel.

The majority of people seeking aesthetic improvement want to restore themselves, mentally and physically and see cosmetic surgery as a way of doing this, regaining some of their youth and wanting to achieve happiness.

Every year thousands of people recognise the physical and psychological benefits to be gained through cosmetic surgery. There are even studies, such as this one from the University of Bochum in Germany, that show the benefits to self-esteem for most cosmetic surgery patients. Undoubtedly they benefit from a perceived better quality of life.

What are typical reasons for getting cosmetic surgery?

  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Feeling more feminine or masculine
  • Having an improved “personal life”
  • Feeling their body is in proportion
  • Being able to dress in clothes to “show off” rather than hide their figure


What are the positive effects of plastic surgery?

As the name suggests, cosmetic surgery is first and foremost designed to benefit you on an aesthetic and visible level. However, that does not mean that’s where the benefits end.

More Self Confidence and Greater Self Esteem

One of the main goals of plastic surgery is to improve your physical appearance. Aside from the visible benefits, though, you will also experience an increase in self esteem and self-confidence. This can have an impact on all areas of your life.

Improved Mental Health

Following nicely from the above, when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good and have better self esteem and confidence, you will feel less anxious and depressed and be better able to socialise with people.

Better Physical Health

Depending on the type of surgery you have, you will also benefit from improvements to your body which will mean you have better physical health.

For example, having a breast reduction will help you to have a nicer figure, it may also help you suffer from many of the undesirable effects of having larger than average or disproportionately sized breasts, such as back pain, an uncomfortable neck and skin irritation.

pretty woman happy loves herself

Another fine example is nose reshaping procedures that can give you a more attractive looking nose, while improving your breathing.

There is also the argument that because you have greater self esteem and self-confidence which leads to better mental health, you will be more willing to get out there and exercise.

When and Reasons Why plastic is a surgery a good thing?

Now we’ve discussed some of the great benefits of investing in cosmetic surgery, we wanted to open this subject up more. As good as cosmetic treatments are, they are not the right for everyone.

To help you figure out if you are a good candidate for a cosmetic procedure or not, we are going to discuss the times when and reasons why plastic surgery might be a good thing or a bad thing.

Let’s start with when plastic surgery is a positive thing:

  • When it improves your quality of life
    If having plastic surgery is going to improve your quality of life and provide you with the benefits outlined in the section above, it is definitely worth considering.
  • When it corrects a deformity
    While many of the cosmetic procedures our skilled plastic surgeons perform regularly are not considered medical emergencies, some are. Reconstructive treatment, for instance, can be used to correct a deformity you have lived with for many years. This may have restricted you in life and therefore having the surgery could bring about a real change in your life.
  • When it is safe
    Although efforts are made to ensure all our plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures offered at our clinic is safe and free from risks, there are always dangers. This is why it is important to answer any questions, the surgeon asks you about your health honestly. They are trying to help ascertain whether you are at risk or not and if you will get results you desire.

When and why is plastic surgery a bad option?

  • When counselling or therapy might be better
    your mindset is something you should consider before investing in procedures performed by plastic surgeons. People who worry excessively about their appearance or body image make poor candidates for cosmetic surgery.
  • When it might put you in debt
    another major reason why you might want to avoid cosmetic procedures is when having them is going to lead to financial difficulties. You need to weigh up whether it is a necessary medical expense.
  • While some cosmetic surgery is more or less essential, many are not.
    That is why it is important to have a consultation appointment with one of our surgeons, as they will help to assess whether you are a suitable candidate or not and provide you with information about alternative procedures.

Do you need cosmetic surgery?

Ultimately, only you can answer that, but at Linia, we pride ourselves on honesty and helping you make that decision for yourself, even if it costs us your business.

It’s important to get to the root of your motivation and determine exactly what you are hoping to achieve through your surgery or any other cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery will not guarantee or even promise happiness. It will not promise eternal youth, and it certainly won’t promise perfection. Happiness comes from inside you and the choice to be happy is in your hands.

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