Can you afford the surgery that you want?

You’ve saved up enough money for the procedure you would like. You’ve done the research, you’ve thought about your motivation and you are confident you are ready for a consultation. What happens if something else is then thrown into the equation that you were not expecting? For example, if you attend a consultation for breast enlargement but your surgeon recommends you should also have a breast lift to achieve optimal results, potentially doubling the price, what should you do? Bearing in mind what we have said about expectation, could you expect great results by going against the surgeons recommendation and opting for just the breast augmentation alone. What would you do? Would you understand why the surgeon has recommended this? It may be that in his opinion by having the implants your nipples would look too low, therefore requiring an uplift. Patients sometimes say they do understand as they are simply just interested in having bigger breasts.

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The ‘What Baby’ Job- She feature with Linia patient Amanda

The ‘What Baby’ Job

After giving birth to three children, Amanda McMurtrie, 30, opted for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

‘Before I fell pregnant I was always relatively happy with my body. I’d wear whatever I wanted to – bikinis, tight dresses, nothing was off limits. Although I always put on at least a stone during pregnancies, I usually managed to lose it again.

However, after my third baby, my already naturally large DD breasts drooped and I was left with an awful apron of loose skin that hung from my stomach. I tried exercises to tone up but nothing helped. My confidence plummeted; I was 28 but felt that I had the body of someone so much older. Continue reading “The ‘What Baby’ Job- She feature with Linia patient Amanda”