What Are Your Reasons For Cosmetic Surgery?

It is perfectly normal and healthy to seek improvement and rejuvenation. However, becoming obsessive about a particular feature on one’s body is not healthy. People who worry excessively about their appearance or body image make poor candidates for cosmetic surgery. Here we explore the typical reasons for plastic surgery, when it’s a good thing and when it becomes negative.

We all view ourselves in an individual and subjective way. For example, an individual may be concerned about a particular feature of her or his body, while this has gone completely unnoticed by the people around her or him. Continue reading “What Are Your Reasons For Cosmetic Surgery?”

Is Cosmetic Surgery a ‘Cult of Youth’ ?

Cosmetic Surgery can help to regain some of your youthful appearance. It can help shift your mental attitude but it can’t turn back the clock. Do you really wish to turn back the clock and lose the experiences and cherished memories that make up who you are? Continue reading “Is Cosmetic Surgery a ‘Cult of Youth’ ?”