Body Lift Surgery in London and the UK

Natural sagging of the skin as a result of the aging process or major weight loss can result in knocked confidence. At Linia Cosmetic Surgery, we provide body lift procedures that will have you loving your body again.

Body Lift Surgery in London and the UK

Our skin sags as a natural consequence of the ageing process. Arms and thighs, in particular, tend to lose their muscle tone and firmness and the layers of muscle and fat become thinner.

At Linia, we’ll help you reclaim the confidence in your body with our various body lift surgeries.


The Body Lift Surgery Procedure

A body lift such as an arm or thigh lift can help to restore and tighten these areas, giving you a firmer, lifted, more youthful look and enabling you to wear tighter clothing or swimwear with confidence.

Arm Lift

In arm lift surgery, incisions are made along the inner arm, extending from the armpit to the elbow.

The length of the scar will depend on the reduction of excess skin removed to achieve your particular requirements.

The skin is then separated from the underlying fat and muscle and the excess skin is carefully removed.

With arm lift surgery the incision is placed in the armpit only. Although the skin tightening is limited in this procedure, the scar is better hidden in the armpit.

Preparing for an Arm Lift

You will need to attend a consultation meeting with one of our qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who will discuss your overall health, goals, desires and lifestyle.

This is to help them understand why you want to have the procedure, what you expect to get from it and the outcome you would like to achieve.

They will also discuss any medical treatments, drug allergies or medical conditions you have and your prescription medication, mineral and vitamin, supplements and tobacco, alcohol and recreational drug intake.

They may also assess your arms and take measurements or even photographs.

Before having the surgery, you will need to stop taking any medication that contains aspirin and stop smoking at least 2 weeks before you are due to go under the knife.


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Arm Lift Recovery

After you’ve had your arm lift surgery, bandages or dressings will be applied to the treated area, along with a compression garment or elasticated bandaging to reduce any swelling.

If necessary, a thin and small tube will be placed under your skin to help drain excess fluid and/or blood.

In the days immediately after the procedure you will experience a little discomfort.

Bruising and swelling are also common, though the swelling will reach its peak level between 2 and 3 days after, but will reduce after 2 weeks.

It is recommended you use pillows to lift your arms up to help alleviate the swelling and improve your comfort.

Is it Safe?

Any plastic surgery procedure carries a certain amount of risk. Some of the major side effects that are common with arm lifts include:

  • Seromas
  • Swollen hands
  • Bleeding
  • Loss of feeling and sensation
  • Scars
  • Bruises
  • Swelling

How Does a Thigh Lift Work?

With thigh lift surgery, an incision for the reduction is made along the inside of the inner thigh, which may extend from the front towards the back. Excess skin is then carefully removed.

Preparing for a Thigh Lift

Just as with an arm lift, you will need to attend a consultancy appointment with a specialist to discuss your procedure.

They will talk to you about your lifestyle,desires, goals and health in general. The idea is to build up a profile of your current health, the reasons you want to have the procedure and the outcome you hope you have from it.

They will also take this opportunity to discuss any medical conditions, drug allergies or medical treatments you may have had recently along with any medication and supplements you may be taking.

You will also be asked about your alcohol, tobacco and recreational drug intake.

As well as assessing your thighs and the problem areas, they may take photographs and measurements.

Before you have the surgery you will be required to stop smoking and taking aspirin-containing medication 2 weeks before.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Following your thigh lift surgery, the incisions will be applied with bandages or dressings and covered in some kind of compression garment or elasticated bandage to reduce swelling and help support your thighs shape as they heal

One or a number of thin and small tubes are often placed below the surface of the skin to drain excess blood or fluid that may escape.

We use deep sutures to help close incisions that are likely to dissolve in 4 months.

You are generally advised to take 7 to 10 days off to help with recovery and it is advised you remain in either a standing or reclining position to quicken and improve the healing.

Is It Safe?

It’s generally safe but as with the arm lift procedure, there is a small risk and complications or side effects you could experience include:

  • Wound not healing properly
  • Sensation changes
  • Blood clots
  • Fluid retention
  • Swelling around the incisions

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