The Cambridge Weight Plan

At Linia we offer a number of fat reduction treatments, but cosmetic surgery is not always the answer if you are trying to lose weight.

Before you make the decision to have a fat reduction treatment, it is advisable to try and lose weight in a healthy manner.  At Linia we recommend the Cambridge Weight Plan.  Whilst you need to find a diet to suit you and your lifestyle, we have found the Cambridge Weight Plan seems to work for many of our patients – even members of the Linia team have lost weight on it successfully!

The Cambridge Weight Plan was created by biochemists Dr Alan Howard and Dr Ian McLean-Baird as they developed the “perfect diet”.  Launched in 1984, 30 million people have used the Cambridge Weight Plan worldwide.

How does it Work?

The Cambridge Weight Plan provides a flexible way to lose weight with one-to-one support.  Many diets rely on your own self will, however, what we like about this diet is you get fantastic one on one support throughout the whole weight loss plan.  Sometimes you need to hear a little encouragement!

The low calorie diet is made up of shakes, bars, soups, puddings and meals and you can even use the products alongside normal meals for a more gradual weight loss.

What you can eat, depends on how much weight you want to lose.  There are six steps to the plan and you and your consultant will decide which step you should start from.

1. Step One – This step is a higher weight loss plan and consists of three or four Cambridge weight Plan products a day.  According to the guidance this stage should be followed for between 1 week minimum to 12 weeks maximum. The calories in this stage vary from 415 to 615 daily.

2. Step Two – Three weight plan products plus protein rich foods, skimmed milk and some vegetables. This gives you 810 calories a day and should be followed for a week minimum.

3. Step Three – allows you to have a 1000 calories a day. It consists of two Cambridge Weight Plan products, a milk allowance, breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner. It’s recommended this is followed a minimum of two weeks.

4. Step Four – Again two weight plan products, skimmed milk and calorie controlled lunch and dinner. This basically starts to add more conventional food to your daily menu. It can be followed for as long as you like.

5. Step Five – You are allowed 1500 on this stage, which consists of one weight plan product, breakfast, dinner, lunch and a snack. Your Cambridge Weight Plan consultant will be able to give you ideas and recipes for what to cook and eat for your meals. There are no restrictions on how long this should be followed.

6. The last step is the maintenance phase. Once your weight has been stabilised the plan recommends planning ahead and eating a healthy, balanced diet. It suggests continuing to visit your Cambridge consultant and having a diet product a day.

If you visit the Cambridge Weight Plan website you will be able to see the six steps in more detail.