Cosmetic Surgery Boosts Fitness Expert, Jillian Michael’s Confidence

Fitness expert and former trainer on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michael’s credits cosmetic surgery in a recent Daily Mail article for building her confidence after being bullied over her looks.

At 16, Jillian had a rhinoplasty (nose job) and comments in People magazine ‘I had mynose done when I was 16 years old, and I’ll be honest, it did change my life.’  She adds: ‘In eighth grade, I weighed 175 pounds and my nose was the size of a softball. Once, I was sitting at lunch and got surrounded by a bunch of kids who let me have it about how ugly I was – my unibrow, the size of my nose, the fat rolling over my jeans. It was pure hell. My mom had to pull me out and put me in another school.’

Jillian Michael

Whilst cosmetic surgery may not be the answer to all your prayers, it can be a big boost for your self-confidence.  With many of our patients, the phrase that we hear time and time again when they come in for their final appointment is “my confidence has just soared”.  It is wonderful to see the transformation in our patients and as Jillian says:

‘So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it.’ So do we!

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