What is a Tummy Tuck and How Much Is It? (Abdominoplasty)

It is only natural when you put on or lose weight, whether it’s simply due to lifestyle choices, pregnancy, or puberty that your skin stretches with those changes. A tummy tuck procedure can fix that for you.

Unfortunately, quickly gaining weight can lead to the development of stretch marks, while rapid weight loss will often leave you with excess loose skin.

If you find yourself in either position and are feeling self-conscious about your body, we can help with a tummy tuck, a cosmetic procedure that normally involves removing excess skin, fat and tightening your abdominal muscles to give you a flatter and more attractive tummy.

But you may first want to know what a tummy tuck is and how much tummy tucks cost. Let’s explain.

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How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost (UK)?

One of your main concerns when dividing whether or not a tummy tuck is right for you is the price of the treatment.

The good news is that although it is not a small investment, a tummy tuck may not cost quite as much as you imagined.

So, how much is a Tummy Tuck?

In the UK, for a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) you can expect to pay anything from £5,000 to £9,000, and sometimes they can even cost over £10,000 (depending on the individual and work needed).

The reason we can only give you a guide price range is that each case is unique and different and therefore tummy tuck surgery comes with a different cost.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration and the only way you can get a more accurate price for the procedure is by booking a consultation appointment and speaking to an expert surgeon in our London clinic (or multiple private clinics across the UK).


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What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck often referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery that is designed to improve the appearance and shape of your abdomen.

This normally includes the removal of excess skin that has become loose and lifeless, fat, stretch marks and having your abdominal muscles tightened.

This is generally seen as the best course of action if you cannot make the necessary changes to how your body and tummy look through just healthy eating and exercise.

There are several different options when it comes to choosing the type of abdominoplasty that is right for you :

Full abdominoplasty – best if you have lots of excess skin that needs to be removed

Mini abdominoplasty – ideal if you only have a small amount of excess skin that needs to be removed

Endoscopic abdominoplasty – the procedure you need if you are looking to have your abdominal muscles tightened.

Your plastic surgeon can advise which is the best option to remove any excess skin or remaining skin.

What Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Involve?

The team here at Linia know how nervous you may feel with the prospect of going under the knife, which is why we want to help you understand exactly what happens during an abdominoplasty.

First, we will focus on a standard or full tummy tuck, before discussing a mini tummy tuck. Before the surgeon begins the procedure, you will be given a general anaesthetic so that you are put to sleep.

Once you are under and relaxed, the surgeon will start by making a careful cut from one hip to the other, following what is known as the bikini line on females, which is the line that runs above your pubic area.

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They will then make another cut, this time around your belly button so that it is free from the skin surrounding it.

Depending on the results you are looking to achieve, how much excess fat and skin needs to be removed and how much muscle tightening needs to be done, the surgeon will get to work.

If you require any liposuction and have opted for that additional procedure, it will be carried out at the same time.

Once the excess skin and fat have been removed and the muscles tightened, they will then pull the skin remaining on your tummy down and make a new hole.

That is where your belly button will go back so that everything is in the right position.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is very similar to a full tummy tuck, in that fat and skin are removed. However, your belly button will normally be left in the same place.

Generally, liposuction is required as part of a mini-abdominoplasty to help with body contouring.

How Much Weight Do You Lose with A Tummy Tuck?

As an abdominoplasty is not a type of weight loss surgery, but rather, a body contouring procedure, it will not help you lose lots of weight.

It is recommended that you are as close to your ideal weight as possible because the surgeon may not be able to perform it on you if you are too overweight.

What Side Effects Can Arise From a Tummy Tuck?

As a tummy tuck is an invasive surgical procedure, it is normal to experience some side effects.

Although not serious, it is important to be aware of these so you are fully prepared for the recovery period following surgery.

There will be a scar that runs across the lower part of your tummy and around your belly button, depending on whether you had a full or mini-abdominoplasty.

It is also common to experience the following:

  • Difficulty standing up straight. It can often feel something is pulling your tummy down.
  • Bruising and pain
  • Numbness in and around your tummy. This could last for just a few months or even years after surgery.
  • Temporary swelling above and around the scar, where fluid is collected.
  • Raised and red scars for the first 6 weeks of recovery that will eventually diminish and fade

What to Do if You Have Complications?

Although our plastic surgeons are highly trained and experienced here at Linia cosmetic surgery, with any surgical procedure there is always a measure of risk involved.

Some of the more serious complications that can arise following an abdominoplasty include:

  • More obvious and thicker scars starting to develop
  • Large bulges beneath your skin
  • Extra skin, often referred to as dog ears, developing around the edges of your scar
  • Wounds not healing properly
  • Fluid collecting in and around the area where the procedure was carried out
  • Blood collecting beneath the surface of the skin (haematoma)
  • Pain or numbness in and around your tummy or down your leg
  • Tummy pain or cramps
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Blood clot developing in a vein
  • Excessive amounts of bleeding
  • Allergic reaction to your anaesthetic (this is incredibly rare)
  • Infection

In the event of any of these complications arising in the days, weeks, months or even years following your procedure, you should contact the Linia Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Is a Tummy Tuck The Right Procedure for Me (Alternatives?)

Although the decision of whether abdominoplasty is right for you is indeed a personal one, it is a good idea to get expert help and advice when making the decision.

At your consultation appointment, one of our highly trained surgeons, who will be performing the surgery if you choose to go ahead, will discuss with you your eligibility for a tummy tuck and what you are looking to achieve.

You must keep in mind that a tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance and shape of your tummy after you have gained or lost a lot of weight and are living with unsightly stretch marks or loose skin. It is not a weight-loss procedure.

Although it is not a true alternative, if you do not want to have the surgery, you may be able to achieve similar body contouring results with just liposuction.

Minimally invasive, liposuction removes fat using suction.

Less invasive still, is our cutting-edge vaser liposuction procedure.

This would be an ideal alternative if you do not have too much excess skin and have localised pockets of excess weight that you are looking to have removed.

You can see the differences here in our guide about liposuction vs tummy tuck

Who Should Not Have a Tummy Tuck?

As we have already noted, a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure.

Therefore, if you are overweight, you should not have the surgery and the surgeon you see at your consultation appointment will not agree to go ahead with the procedure.

Not only will you not be able to achieve the weight loss results you are looking for, but your weight could put you at risk and complicate the procedure.

Abdominoplasty is also not suitable if you are currently a heavy smoker or have suffered from blood clots in the past.

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

Again, whether a tummy tuck is right for you if you are a suitable candidate, is a personal decision.

If you are self-conscious and have low self-esteem due to excess skin or severe stretch marks, and it is affecting the quality of life you have, the procedure will certainly correct those issues.

You need to be aware, though, of the risks and complications and the fact that recovery is going to take a long time. It is not an easy fix and you should expect pain and discomfort.

If you think you can cope with that and are willing to put in the hard work (or rest) necessary to enjoy the best results possible, then abdominoplasty may just be the key to starting a new chapter in life.

One where you are confident to wear that bikini and feel comfortable in your own body.

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