Brazilian Bum Lift and BBL Surgery Procedure

Many women (and men) are self-conscious about the size and shape of their bum and would prefer a more natural looking buttocks enhancement. The Brazilian bum lift (or BBL surgery) is designed to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks with a more natural, fuller look.

Brazilian Bum Lift and BBL Surgery Procedure

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Bum Lift procedure (also known as Brazilian butt augmentation) or BBL surgery, is a popular procedure commonly opted for by people looking for more natural looking buttocks enhancement. The aim of this minimally invasive surgical treatment is to increase the size, and provide an improvement to the shape of the buttocks.

On this page, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about our Brazilian butt lift procedure: The benefits, the ideal candidates for this surgery, what happens during the Brazilian bum lift surgery, the Brazilian butt lift cost and more.

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What happens during BBL surgery?

Simply speaking, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer to the buttocks. Generally conducted under general anaesthesia, the BBL surgery is a day case procedure where fat is harvested from other areas of the body like the abdomen, back, hips or thighs and purified so that only the highest quality fat cells are used for injection to the buttocks.

The fat cells we harvest will be placed strategically in between layers of muscle and be close to a blood supply where your newly transferred fat will have a much better chance of survival, rather than being caught in the bodies natural absorption process.

New collagen is also created by the fat transfer and because fat contains stem cells that help create new tissue, a side effect of the Brazilian bum lift which many clients find is an improvement in the texture and tightness of skin.

The procedure involves very small incisions that are made into the buttocks which are use then used to transfer the fat through. This fat will provide your bum with a more youthful shape and appearance by tightening the skin and restoring volume to the area.

How long does Brazilian butt lift take?

This depends heavily on the individual and on various factors including your desired outcome (size and shape of your buttocks) and how much fat that needs to be harvested to complete the procedure. With this in mind, the BBL surgery takes anywhere between an hour and a half to three hours. You’ll get a better idea after speaking to your surgeon during your consultation.

What are the advantages of the Brazilian Bum Lift?

More often, patients choose the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure instead of gluteal implants because of the natural looking results the BBL surgery provides due to enhancement with fat transfer.

Plus, there are many additional benefits such as the reduced chances of rejection and risks of complications from ruptures, implant exposure and infection as well as minimal scarring and discomfort and the improves body contour in the areas where the fat was harvested via liposuction for the Brazilian Bum Lift.

Not to mention the intangible benefits, like increases self-confidence, the Brazilian Butt Lift provides.

Ideal candidates for BBL surgery

If you’re a healthy adult who would like a more natural buttocks enhancement to improve the shape, size, contour or simply provide your bum with a ‘lift’ (or all of the above), then you could be a good candidate for this procedure.

Candidates should have enough fat to use in the transfer process and expectations of the final results from the procedure must be realistic. Your surgeon will ensure that this is the case during your consultation where you can both address any concerns or ask questions.

If you do fit this criteria, the Brazilian bum lift can prove an effective surgery for a natural looking butt enhancement in a fairly minimally invasive way.


Brazilian Bum Lift


Recovery from the butt lift procedure

Our glutes are used on a daily basis to perform much of our movement in our daily lives. Because of this, there are some significant activity restrictions  which you’ll need to adhere to as you recover from your bum injections – your surgeon will outline these restrictions for you and it is highly recommended you follow them for the best outcome from your BBL surgery.

If patients work involves sitting down for much of the day, 3-4 weeks or more should be taken off from work. If less sitting is involved in your work, then at least 2 weeks should be planned off from work.  Generally, a compression garment is worn for around 3-6 months following the procedure.

Pain and discomfort involved with the recovery can be controlled with prescribed medication, and patients should just try to take it easy and recover at their own pace. Final results should become apparent at about 6 months to one year, once swelling has subsided and the fat has had a chance to establish itself in the buttock enhancement area after transfer.

Results from bum injections

The fat transfer from a successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will remain in your buttocks for the rest of your life. It will age naturally with you just like the rest of you does.

The process will be just like the rest of your body tissue, which dictates the importance of a healthy lifestyle including exercise to help maintain the shape and size of your buttocks after your bum lift.

As long as you maintain your weight, the chances are good that your results will continue for many years without the need for re treatment.

How much does the Brazilian butt lift cost?

The cost largely depends on the size and shape that you want to achieve among other things.

After consulting with your surgeon and explaining the look that you’re after, the cost can be more accurately provided for you at this time. Our consultations are free.

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* Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore, results may vary. To read our full disclaimer please click here.

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