Labia Reduction

Every woman’s body is different in shape and size, and what worries one woman will not necessarily concern another.

Labia Reduction


It is not uncommon for a woman to feel unhappy with the appearance of the inner lips of her vagina (Labia Minora) especially if they are asymmetrical, long, or bulky and hanging loose.

Sometimes the outer lips (Labia Majora) can be bulky and hang loose. This particularly happens after multiple pregnancies and child birth. It may also happen with ageing.

As with other problem areas, any feelings of discomfort can have adverse effects on self-confidence and personal relationships. An enlarged labia can lead to discomfort wearing certain clothes, exercising or having sex. The protuberant and abnormal appearance can be inhibiting and distressing.

Labia reduction reduces the labia to a level that the patient finds acceptable.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Our surgeon will carefully trim and reshape the labia to create a natural look, and avoiding any damage to surrounding nerves and tissue. The procedure can be performed either under local anaesthetic or “twilight” sedation. In most cases this avoids the need for an overnight stay in hospital. We use dissolving stitches that will not need removing.

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening can help with the muscle tone of the vagina by ensuring the muscles that support tissues are tightened. The procedure is particularly popular with new mums, where following childbirth the muscles of the vagina have lost elasticity and began to sag. Similar affects can happen as women begin to age and the muscle tone begins to relax and the vaginal muscles and surround tissue loosen.

Vaginal surgery or the ‘Designer Vagina’ has become a very common procedure and no longer a taboo, meaning lots of women who feel uncomfortable or discomfort now have the opportunity to get it rectified.

* Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore, results may vary. To read our full disclaimer please click here.

Will my consultation be with a surgeon?

All consultations take place with a surgeon. We believe that only a surgeon can help and advise you on the best procedure to achieve the results you would like.

During your initial consultation, we will ask you about the results you are looking for and explain the procedure so that you understand every stage of the process. The most important thing is that you feel completely at ease in our care and fully aware of the procedure and the resulting enhancement.

Are your consultations free?

All of our consultations are free with no obligation. You will be provided with advice and information relevant to achieve the results you desire.

What will happen after the Labia Reduction operation?

Our surgeon will see you when you have recovered to check that all is well, and will discharge you providing you are fit to return home. You will be given medication and full post-operative instructions along with appropriate telephone numbers in case you need to contact us at any time. On returning home you will need to use ice packs or cold compresses to help reduce the swelling.

Week 1-2

You will see the surgeon or the nurse after 7-10 days so that she can check your progress. Penetrative sex is best avoided for at least 2-3 weeks after the procedure, and tampons should also not be used.

Weeks 8-10

You will see your surgeon once more at between 8 and 10 weeks after your operation for a full post-operative consultation.

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