Nipple Surgery

Many men and women are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Inverted or enlarged nipples can cause embarrassment and increase feelings of self-consciousness when undressed. Breast nipple surgery covers several different cosmetic procedures which are used for the enhancement, correction or reduction of the nipple or areola, the brownish area around the nipple. These treatments are available for both men and women right here in London and nationwide in the UK at LINIA Skin Clinic.

Nipple Surgery

If you have had a botched surgery or suffered from cancer and had a mastectomy or any kind of breast removal, you may be looking to restore your natural feminine look.

We have the experience, expertise and passion to perform these procedures to a high standard and help you to feel more like you again.

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What is Nipple Surgery/Reconstruction?

Nipple reconstruction is the process that involves either the restoration of your existing nipple or the creation of a completely new one and is normally performed following a mastectomy or as part of a more entire breast reconstruction.

Some male patients may want this procedure after a previously botched Gynecomastia surgery to restore the look of their nipple.

Patients often find following surgery they are more confident and happier with the appearance of their breasts.


Types of Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

There are two main types of nipple reconstruction surgery:

  • Skin graft reconstruction – For this form of nipple reconstruction the surgeon will take a small section of skin from somewhere else on your body, such as your buttocks, stomach or inner thigh and use it to create a new areola. In some cases, the surgeon may be able to use excess skin, if there is enough available to create the nipple from the breast mound.


  • Skin flap reconstruction – for this method of nipple reconstruction, the surgeon can raise small skin flaps from the area where the new nipple is going to be created and then fold and sew them together over the skin in the surrounding area to create a bump that will form the brand-new nipple.


Nipple Inversion Surgery

Nipple inversion surgery, otherwise known as inverted nipple surgery is a form of nipple correction surgery used to, as you may have guessed, correct inverted nipples.

The condition known as inverted nipple involves the nipple being pulled into the breast or is flat.

It is more common than you may think and around 1 out of 10 women and men are affected.

It is normally caused by the milk ducts not being big enough, which means they pull the nipple inwards, stopping them from protruding naturally.


woman cleavage after nipple surgery


It normally begins from puberty, as that’s the time in life when most changes occur to your breasts onwards and can be quite a gradual process.

With inverted nipple surgery, the nipple is corrected so the nipple it projects outwards more naturally.

This is achieved by the surgeon either cutting or stretching the milk ducts that are too short.

This alleviates the tension causing the nipple to go inwards, ensuring it comes out the way it is supposed to.

The procedure is very straight-forward and in a matter of weeks you would be unable to tell the nipple had been inverted.


Nipple Repositioning Surgery

With age, significant weight loss or pregnancy and childbirth, changes can, and often do occur in your breasts.

Commonly, they can sag and lose the firmness and pertness they had when you were younger.


post nipple reconstruction woman wearing brace


Although there are various breast muscle exercises and massage techniques you can try, these will not produce the results you are looking and hoping for.

Sometimes the only real solution to a problem like that is through a breast or even a nipple lift.

Sometimes the problem is less about the breast as a whole, or if the nipple is only sitting slightly lower than normal, a nipple lift can be an adequate solution without getting too invasive and complicated.

Nipple repositioning involves both the areola and the nipple being lifted and established in a natural position.

Once the nipple has been moved to a better position, the surgeon can then reconnect its blood vessels and nerves.


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