What Are Cohesive Gel Implants?

Cohesive gel implants have become all the rage for plastic surgeons and their patients alike. These revolutionary breast implants have changed the face of breast surgery, by offering a more natural look and feel to the breast augmentation process. If you are considering breast augmentation, check out this information on the latest trend in breast implants to find out if the cohesive gel implant is the right choice for you.

Explaining “Cohesive Gel”

Cohesive gel is a type of silicone implant that differs considerably from silicone implants of previous decades. Older silicone implants contain a liquefied form of silicone that can leak out if the implant is broken or ruptured. The silicone inside cohesive gel implants is a more solid, jelly-like material that retains its shape even if it is cut in two.

Cohesive gel implants are also unique in terms of their shape, which is designed to more closely resemble the natural contours of the breast. While other implants offer a round shape, cohesive gel implants are teardrop-shaped, so there is more weight and fullness in the lower half of the breast. The implants still offer a variety of sizes and projections, to accommodate nearly any woman’s unique body contours.

Benefits of Cohesive Gel Implants

There are a number of reasons why cohesive gel implants are the preferred choice for many surgeons and breast augmentation patients today:

  • No risk of leakage, like there is with saline and older silicone implants
  • Implants tend to hold their shape better than other types of implants
  • Lower risk of visible breast rippling or capsular contracture
  • Many women believe these implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue
  • May last longer than other types of implants

Despite the many advantages offered by cohesive gel implants, there are some drawbacks as well. First, these implants require a slightly larger incision for insertion, which is typically done in the breast crease below the breast. Second, cohesive gel implants tend to cost more than their saline counterparts. Finally, cohesive gel implants must be monitored with an MRI every year or two to ensure a “silent rupture” does not occur.

Cohesive gel implants provide just one more option for women considering breast augmentation today. With a wealth of choices now available, women can select the procedure and implant that will meet their specific need best. To learn more about your options in breast augmentation, contact our staff at Linia at 0800 170 7171 to schedule your personal consultation with one of our skilled surgeons today.